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The “magical” snow phase… ;) | Okanagan Wedding Photographer

the other day we went up to silver star mountain resort to pick up our ski passes, so we could be ready to go with no lineups on opening day next week. (AH SO EXCITED TO START THE SKI SEASON!!!) ~ my sister steph and my cousin owen came up with us to get their passes as well, and i was quickly reminded of how beautiful it is up there! there is something so magical about the first couple times of the year when you see snow… {i say the first couple times because i think it is around the 3rd time where i start pouting, saying things like “I DON’T LIKE THIS! I HATE THE COLD! WHEN IS SUMMER?! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” … but let’s not think about that. i am still in the “magical snow” phase.. hahaha}…

i brought my camera and snuck a few photos. we all thought it was so pretty as the sun was just going down and everything was drizzled in it’s silky orange light. the boys lasted about 3 minutes before they got cold and impatient, so they left steph and i out in the parking lot and i swear i could have stayed there for hours taking photographs … i loveee impromtu shoots like that! there was something about stephs bright green coat and her newly died red hair {can you believe she used to have long BLONDE hair?! crazy right. she is brave.}, with the snowy background and sunkissed light… ahhh…. i just can’t wait to shoot an engagement session up there next weekend with one of my fabulous 2013 couples!!

….hope you all are having a happy wednesday!

xo~ meg.

…isn’t she gorgeous? she is also an incredible writer. to read some of her fiction work and rambles about life, follow her blog here:

…and one last image, not because it is related in any way… just because it’s cute. tucker doesn’t look overly thrilled with the idea, though….

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  1. I am missing the snow actually living in Vancouver for my second winter its stills crazy weird. I must say I have a jealous crush on your hair.

  2. Breezy says:

    This is too funny, I’m waiting SO anxiously for it to snow down here, but only for the first few moments of the “magical” stage and then it can melt away right after for all I care! I thought I was the only one 😉
    Ps. you, your husband, dinner, our house 🙂 SOON!
    xo miss you friend!!



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