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My “Life as 23” Project

remember when you were little… like when you were 8 years old and everyone asked you “how old do you wish you were??” “why do you wish to be older?” and then they always told you that “you don’t want to be old, being young is way better”… well, for me.. my answer always was and still is 23… my WHOLE LIFE i thought that 23 years old would be the best year ever. i don’t know why or how i got that stuck in my head, but it’s true. 23 is where it is at. ha! so, when i actually turned 23 last june, i thought i better do something about it. which brought about my “life as 23 project”.

how cool would it be, to be able to look back in 20 years and have an album of what you did, EVERY DAY, for 1 full year? all those memories that were lost on insignificant days. days where i finally got to relax at home, or when sc and i watched a great movie or skyped with an old friend. or that really long beautiful walk we took in the fall where i forgot my camera in the car and all i had was my phone. or the long long looooong days spent in my office in the busy season.¬† those are things i want to remember. everyday life isn’t always exciting and “photoshoot-worthy”, and there are tons of days where i don’t even get dressed or comb my hair (HA! i am working on this… it is one of the “problems” about working from home, haha) and no, i am probably not going to get any of these iphone photos blown up for the wall, but these are still days that i want to remember. small moments and every-day things that shape us, that build our years and help us grow. memories of pure¬†life. so, i decided to take an instagram every single day, from my 23rd birthday until my 24th. on each ‘life as 23’ photo i use the hashtag with a caption of what we were doing/why i chose that photo. looking back on it now, i wish i would have used a more specific hashtag such as #megslifeat23 instead, just to make sure that no one else would use it… so if you are thinking of doing this, use your name or something specific to catagorize it as yours… this hashtag is how i organize the photos, so when i search #lifeas23 in instagram, the images come up in order so i know what day it they were taken on! so fun to look through even now!!} when it’s done, i plan on making an album from all the instagram shots, and naming it “My Life As 23″… so far, its been a pretty amazing year, and i can’t wait to see what the second half of it brings!! if you have an instagram account and you want to follow along, you can follow me at megcourtney1, {and if you have an iphone or android and don’t have an instragram account, then you should probably get one here. haha!!}

happy monday everyone!! and here is “my life as 23” so far!…




hope you all like the new look of the blog! looking forward to posting more often now that life is not as silly busy! thanks so much forstopping by!! xox Meg

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  1. Scott Courtney says:

    Love the new look.

  2. LeeAnna Carson says:

    I love the new look! Great job.



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