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Happy Birthday Owen!! | Okanagan Photographer

for those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that when someone in my family has a birthday, i write them a rhyming birthday poem. i posted one on here for my little sister last year (click here to check out my mad skillz 😉 ) and today is a big birthday for owen. owen is like my little brother, our families have been best friends for as long as i can remember and i remember the day he was born. he has become one of my best friends, and the 4 of us (steph, sc, owen and i) have more fun than imaginable! i won’t be able to be back in alberta for the big birthday celebration, so i thought i’d better blog 😉

i am SOOO excited that owen AND steph both just got accepted to the UBC-O, (FIST PUMP!!)  and him and steph will be out in kelowna living by scott and i all year next year! whoop whoop!! owen is a great kid, always smiling and always making people laugh. he is easy to be around, an amazing waterskiier, and makes a mean charlie cohat ;). also, stay tuned for his grad photos coming at the end of the month!!

ok… ready?? here it goes!


bikini town is calling
it is that time of year
where everybody’s wanting
to go out and have a beer
lucky thing for you,
as today is the day
that when those people ask you
this is what you can say…
“yes i am legal,
i’ll show you my ID,
I’ll order one beer for Meg, and the charlie cohat? that’s for me”…

the girls call you their mayor
in the place of bikini town
where we all love to ski and dance
and we all kind of look like clowns –
you are like my little brother
and we have more fun than ive ever seen
i’m excited for the things to come
so give a whoop whoop for turning 18!!

next year will be great
because you and steph will be by me and SC,
and in the mornings before your classes
we can go out for a morning ski!
until the weather gets to cold and that’s when we’ll hit the snow,
there will be so many fun things to do
with my little sis and my little bro!!

this i really mean, and it is no joke when i say…
“i really hope you have
the worlds best 18th birthday”!!!!


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