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Sister Love.


today is not just a day. it is a BIG day for my sister, steph. not only is it her 18th birthday, but today is the day that she sets out on her new (fantastic) journey as today she is moving to victoria to begin her first year of university.

steph is one of the smartest people i know. seriously. the girl reads faster than i ever thought possible or reasonable, and she retains the information like nobodies business! for example ~ if you didn’t know any better you would think she had a PhD in Harry Potter – seriously! She has read each book so many times (all in like, a day…) that she knows every single little hint and detail and “inner-story” (as she would say), than any normal or “regular’ harry potter reader  could ever pick out (or “viewer” if you are like me and only watch the movies.. ;)). it is really quite impressive. so if you have any harry potter questions, you know who to ask. haha! not only is she crazy harry-potter savy, she is incredibly gifted both academically and athletically. she missed so much school this year that she wasn’t even considered a “full time” grade 12 student. for real. she went to hawaii for 3 weeks, to europe for 3 weeks, to texas for a month, and pretty much just missed ever other day because she “felt like it” (;)) …and she still managed to graduate as the valedictorian of her class!! she is one of best waterskiiers i have ever watched ski the course, and her core strength and balance is something like i have never seen before in a young woman. i could go on and on about how amazing this girl is, but she may start to cry when she reads it all, so i will just say what my dad would say “steph, you also have a really high pain tolerance” HAHA!

steph has grown into an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out. i know she is going to have such a fabulous year at the university of victoria as her funny, caring personality and positive attitude will carry her through. (as well as her insane harry potter knowledge. haha). the people who don’t know steph will want to get to know her, and the people who already do love her. i am so excited to see what this amazing girl will do in her life with her crazy intellect and talent, because i know that whatever it is will be outstanding.

a long time ago, i started a tradition. one of my best friends, miles, and i were in grade 4, and for his birthday i wrote him a rhyming birthday poem. from then on, for each birthday of someone in my family, and now also my husbands family, (and miles, of course) i write them a ryhming birthday poem. i know it sounds weird, but it’s just one of those corky things i do that i can’t stop…  so steph ~ here it is! Your 18th birthday poem!


steph it’s your birthday and that is so cool
that you are off for an adventure
to start your first year of school
and you even got to spend extra days in the town
where bikinis and waterskiing are some things that go down!
and pretty soon ~ famous you’ll be
when i make our Cinemax movie and people can see how you ski!
And everyone will be jealous
because of all the fun things we did
and all the girls will be wondering
“who is that neighbor kid?!?” 😉 😉

And this year will be fabulous – how lucky are we!
to both get to live
in beautiful BC!
And then in the winter, we’ll escape to Hawaii
and we’ll surf and suntan and eat coconut pie
and mom and dad will miss us but they’ll be having fun too
and as your luck will have it they’ll fly to you to hawaii, not one time but two!!

And when your at school
I know you’ll have  fun,
And I bet you’ll be even more of a hippy
after your first year is done!!

so as your big sis
i have advice to give to you
because i’m much older (and smarter), don’t laugh! It’s true!
Pay close attention, don’t spend all your time reading
Look both ways when you cross the street, and don’t get caught speeding!
Put down your kindle even though your captain of the club
And on school nights always stay out of nightclubs!
Don’t skip too much school, because that is really quite bad
But if you skip a little to see me, I promise it will be rad!
Make sure you set an alarm, so you’ll get up for classes
And I’m thinking since your practically blind you should always wear your glasses!
Eat all your meals and try to keep your room CLEAN!
HAHA! Ya right, that would be mom’s dream… !
Don’t procrastinate homework and the last thing i’ll say
ALWAYS call your SISTER! It will brighten her’s AND your day!! 😉

I love you so much, my best friend I call sister
And when people ask me all I say is “i’ll miss her”
But we will talk on the phone
And have dance parties when together
And we will both SOO be enjoying BC’s warmer weather!
So I hope that it’s clear and you can really truely see
How awesome and fun your next year is going to be!
And all I can say, next year in Bikini Town
I’m going to get better at skiing and you and Owen are going down!!! (HAHA!)

And as for today, I hope that it’s great!
For a wonderful girl, who just turned the big one-eight!!
So the last thing I’ll say is Happy Birthday to you
HAVE A AWESOME DAY and have a drink from me too!


there is something about sisters and the bond that they have, and i feel so lucky and fortunate to get along and to be such great friends with mine. sure we fight, argue, (and sometimes she hits me….hahahha just kidding), but in the end it’s usually us having laughing fits at the table, encouraging each other out on the water, going shopping and spending all our money, dancing and not caring what anyone thinks ~ and we always know that we will be there for each other no matter what ~ so, i guess that’s just sister love. 🙂


photo credit below: Janine Sept Photography

have a great day steph!! wish i was there and i will see you soon for our “other sisters” wedding at the end of this month! wahoo!!
~Meg xxxo

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