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random-ness – i think i’ll pin. | Okanagan photographer

its 9pm while i am writing this, and i am sitting here, by myself.. (sc has locked himself in the office, determined to study calculus problems for 1 more hour…) …and i guess technically tucker is here too, but in his bed of course. he used to be allowed up on the furniture until i finally put my foot down and said no more. who knew he would actually grow to love sleeping in his bed… anyways. i am sitting here, and i can’t seem to get off of pinterest. seriously if you haven’t checked it out, you probably shouldn’t because the time that that crazy website has consumed in my life is embarrassing. HAHA! when sc is done studying in an hour we actually have a “pinning” date planned for 10pm…we really are the coolest people we know…. ha ha. honestly though, if you are a dreamer, pinterest is for you. i feel like it gives me permission to dream, and to collect my dreams in an organized manner, haa ha. the places i want to go, the style i want to have, the things i want to accomplish, how i really need to learn to cook.. the list goes on and on. before the times of pinterest, i used to make a dream board and have all my biggest dreams pasted on it so i could focus my energy on accomplishing each and every one of them – and now i have pinterest! so brilliant! also, another added bonus is that it is always good for a late night laugh in the humor category…

lots of controversy around pinterest with photographers lately though, is it good? is it bad? does it limit our creative abilities? one of my favorite photographers, Trevor Dayley, actually just wrote a really refreshing blog post about creatives relying on pinterest for inspiration, and if you are a photographer reading this you should definitely check it out here. ~for me though, pinterest is less about finding photography inspiration, and more about finding me inspiration. allowing me to dream bigger for my life, aim higher, and focus my energy on the things i want to accomplish and learn. i agree that pinterest should not be solely used to “memorize” posing for your next shoot, absolutely! my mind feels overwhelmed when i try and find my posing inspiration through pinterest – and like trevor’s post says, i want to read my couples and their personalities, and create real moments for my photographs and not recreate one of my pins. but there are so many reasons beyond posing and great images behind why i love to take photos. i am actually in the process of trying to pinpoint exactly what that why is right now through jeff jochum’s business coaching program i just started called  – which i am SO honored to be a part of! i can’t wait to see where it takes me and the things i discover about myself… to dig a little deeper, and have a clear and confident focus for my business. however, this is a intensive process over a 6 month period and in no way am i expecting it to happen overnight, so in the meantime, while i am searching for things that inspire me and places that make me dream… i think ill pin. 😉

to go along with these extremely random thoughts, here are a couple of my favorite pins of the night…. 😉

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  1. Janine Sept says:

    This is so awesome Meg! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh!

    Marshall and I ALWAYS rock paper scissors.

  3. The dog rules are exactly how my life with my puppy has become. You start out thinking your going to have all these rules and then they fizzle…i would probably be a terrible parent



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