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Our new Lake Country home…. | Okanagan Photographer

on indecisiveness, superman and my love of all things yellow….


imagine this. me. lulus, pony tail and a hoodie… a hammer, a level, a tape measure, a twirly stool that proved extremely hard to stand on, 6 huge standout prints, some nails and a couple of hours. disaster-waiting-to-happen… right?  i swear it was a miracle when i stepped back (all in one piece) and all the photos were hung, perfectly spaced, and LEVEL! BEFORE SCOTT GOT HOME FROM SCHOOL! i couldn’t believe it! and after that ordeal, i thought i better blog.

now, just so you all know. this idea i had of a “photo wall” was not just fun and games ;), i really planned it out ~ for 2 months i thought about which photos to choose, and let me tell you, everyday for two months the photos were different, HAHA! seriously my middle name should have been indecisive. finally the other night, scott told me that he was “done”, he was not looking at anymore options of photos, and that i needed to commit and just order them! this is after i spent hours with painters tape, mapping out the sizes and the placement of each photo that was yet to be determined. “hey scott, what do you think of this?” …”ok wait, now what about THIS!” “no no no this is way better, check out this!!” “ok what photos out of these 8”, “ok wait just come here i changed a few… what do you think”. “oh ya. no i decided i didn’t like that one anymore, i added this one- does it look ok!?” …. ha ha.. you can only imagine the annoyance in sc’s voice when he told me to make a decision, although he was calm and nonchalant. i guess he may be used to this slight characteristic about myself. either that or he is some sort of superman, i really don’t know how i got so lucky. 😉

so, i committed, and with 2 last minute changes to the photos i had previously decided on 5 minutes prior, i ordered them. AND I LOVE EACH ONE! i am so passionate about displaying images on the walls in my home. it adds such an artistic, romantic, and timeless feel every time i look at them. i love being inspired by just walking down the hall, and i LOVE reminiscing old memories through fantastic photographs everywhere i look. in every shoot i do, i strive to create images for my clients that they would be proud to hang on their walls as their art work, so they can walk by and remember a fun moment or the love they felt on their big day. sooo.. with this. i thought i better show ya’ll what i am talkin’ about – and i have had so many people asking to see photos of the house scott and i recently moved into, so here they are! we couldn’t be happier and i have never felt so inlove with a house before! the view, the colors, the feel – everything is perfect, and it was so fun to furnish! (so fun but due to my slight indecisiveness, a tad bit stressful and i can’t help but say that i am terribly glad this processes is over, and i’m sure as you can imagine so is SC.. ha ha.. )

i am now in the process of setting up my office downstairs, and although it is almost there- it is something that i am SO STINKIN EXCITED ABOUT and i need to make it a separate blog when it is perfectly complete! so, enjoy!

my sister gave this canvas painting to sc and i as our wedding present. she was in new zealand for 6 months doing her last semester of grade 11 on exchange right before we got married, and her host-family there was very into art and up and coming artists. she met this lady through who was a fantastic artist and commissioned her to paint a photo of scott and i on steph’s favorite beach in new zealand. she gave the woman a photo of scott and i for her to reference, and also a photo of her favorite beach there. our mannerisms in the painting are so perfect that the majority of people who see the it think it’s real! one day i hope to go to that beach and take a real picture of us standing there, and i think that is where steph was going with the whole idea. it meant so much to both scott and i that she put so much thought and effort into this, and it is something that i will forever have hanging on our walls! so happy to have such a perfect place to display it in our new home! <3

…here is a sneak peak of my office… so excited to share my branded workspace.. as soon as i can decide on some prints for the walls…. :p



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  1. Megan says:

    You have a beautiful home! I agree – there is nothing that can make a space more homey and warm than beautiful imagery on the wall; whether your own work, or art by someone else.

  2. Justine says:

    Meg it looks amaaaazing! I LOVE it! 🙂 Can’t wait to come visit and have some drinks on that deck!

  3. Johanne says:

    Lovely home Megan and Scott. Cannot imagine how you decide which pictures to hang with all the beautiful work you do!

  4. Hey guys, I’m loving your new abode! That’s an awesome view and it looks like you’ll have a fab office space Meg. Can’t wait to see the finished look x

  5. milsztof says:

    Amazing home and this view from terrace – superb.



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