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Andy&Bri ~ Lifestyle | Okanagan Photographer

i have had the absolute pleasure of knowing andy and bri for quite some time now. andy’s whole family brings me nothing but happiness, and although i haven’t gotten to know bri’s family yet, from the way she talks about them i can tell they are just as fabulous. andy’s brother danny was the groom at my first destination wedding in hawaii this past winter (to check out the blog from that amazing day, click here!). i always have so much fun when i am around any of the Steins, and i was soo excited to be able to take these photos of andy and bri!!

brianne is a beautiful girl. inside and out. her bubbly yet sarcastic personality keeps everyone on their toes and always laughing. she is a pure joy to be around, and i just have nothing but amazing things to say about her. brianne is an incredible stylist – she has big dreams of becoming a personal shopper/fashion consultant for people, like me, who need help desperately ~ haha!! i am a girl who has the heart and soul of someone who really wants to be trendy. no joke!! truth is, i have no idea what is cool or not-cool… haha. i know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! one day i called up brianne because she is the girl who always looks fantastic and put together, and i asked her if she could help me!! AND SHE DID!! she was so professional about the whole thing, she came to my house, checked out my closet, and then we went to the mall to get some cute outfits!! it was SO much fun! i have always admired brianne and other girls like her who always seem to know what looks good and what doesnt. she was exactly what i needed and now i have the confidence to wear cute and trendy outfits!… like the teal pants… hollla!!! i would have never bought teal pants! BUT I LOVE THEM! ~that is all bri, ladies and gentlemen ūüėČ this girl has got it goin on!¬† (too see a blog about the “famous” minty pants, check it out here).

SO, if any of you out there wanna “get trendy” – hit up “breezy-styles” and she will work wonders with you! Haha!! for real! this photo shoot was my way of saying thank you, because she really is that fabulous ;). andy is just as fab, and has always been so kind and encouraging for as long as i can remember. even though i don’t know andy super well, i know that if i was ever in trouble or ever needed anything, he would be someone i could call. he always comes across as so reliable, caring and almost “big-brother” like – needless to say, i am so grateful for these 2 amazing people in my life!! <3



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  1. Karina says:

    Wow…you are good at what you do!!

  2. megan says:

    Love them all megs!! And I totally agree, I’m getting bri to re-do my wardrobe!

  3. Robyn Rohl says:

    This shoot blew me away!



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