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Random Monday Thoughts

yup. it’s just one of those days. my head is filled with a combination of productive ideas, to-do lists, chaos and excitement. so what better thing to do then to blog about it, right? some random thoughts for you today…

-i leave for kauai in 6 DAYS!!! kauai is my favorite place on the planet and i could not be more excited to be heading there to visit my mom and dad on Sunday!! it will be my 12th trip there… my second home!! <3 bring on the sun and the freckles!

-once i leave on sunday, i will be out of canada for 6 weeks… CRAZY! i will be in hawaii (twice), new zealand, santa barbara and las vegas … and you thought i had packing drama for my LAST trip…

-when i get back to canada in march, our new house will likely be ready! which means life is about to get crazy with packing and moving prep… and finding more boxes. we really need to find some boxes….

-i am currently using this blog as a (very effective) form of procrastination. our house has gotten out of control messy and i am pretty sure i have no clean clothes left, so laundry and cleaning are first on my list today (well, second. apparently.)

*told ya…. :p

-one of my goals for 2014 was to start swimming because the doctor said it would help strengthen my back and prevent my ribs from popping out (ouch) ~ so on saturday scott, my sister steph, her roomate chelsea and i all went to the H2O fitness center in kelowna. of course, there was a swim meet going on and more fans in the stands then i knew possible at a swimming pool (we stuck to the “leisure lane”). apparently we could use some training. i’m pretty sure at one point i made eye contact with the life guard and she actually started laughing hahah. we felt pretty funny trying to swim amongst all the pro’s but it was fun and great exercise! yes us girls were the only ones there swimming lanes in bikinis hahah.

-scott and i have been watching ‘how i met your mother’ on netflix since november. we are now onto season 9, we have watched over 175 episodes and STILL haven’t met the mother. awesome.

-i have an inability to drink an entire starbucks drink. scott says one of the things he loves about me is that i can make a small (or tall in starbucks language) chai tea latte last for days. truth. right now i am enjoying the rest of mine from yesterday afternoon (and yes mom, i kept it in the fridge ;)) BEST. IDEA. EVER.

-so many of my greatest photography friends are headed to Haiti in a few days to spend a week at an orphanage to use their gifts to serve the people and children there. i know it’s going to be an amazing experience for everyone involved, and those children’s lives will be so much richer because of the hearts of those going. im so proud of  josh newton for organizing it all, and for all the amazing people who are following him there. scott and i can’t wait to join on the next one!

-those of you who are going to WPPI – be sure to sign up for Jeff Jochum‘s class (my biz coach)!! he is giving away a free copy of his AMAZING book Work Happily Ever After to everyone who attends, and i will be sitting on the panel with 3 other amazing ladies on stage talking about the benefits of specialism in different stages of your business! it’s going to be legend… wait for it….. dary. legendary. (yes, those of you who watch how i met your mother will get that.) —> click HERE to bring up the link to register for the class!!

-okay i really need to get to cleanin… happy monday all! <3

(random photo i just found: scotty and i on our last day in phoenix 2 weeks ago! can’t wait to be back in the sunshine next week! thanks for the shot jim courtney! ;))




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  1. Kara Rohl says:

    See you in Kauai!!! <3

  2. Oana Adriana Thompson says:

    wahahaha that’s epic…you used legendary. i’m happy to say that since watching the show my best friends and i have since implemented a slap bet into our lives….ok not really, but how funny would that be? (ok it wouldn’t if you’re the one getting slapped but it seemed like a good idea at the time) 🙂 you’re priceless Meg, so glad i found you through Justine 🙂



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