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Rachelle + Kevin | Calgary Engagement Session

he proposed to her with a ring made out of red string. he spent his days at the michaels craft store on the days she went to yoga for weeks in advance, trying to learn how to make the perfect string-ring. once he figured it out, he even made a number of them all in different sizes to make sure it would fit her perfectly. they were traveling to belize to cross off diving the blue hole off their bucket list, and he didn’t want to run the risk of taking the real ring with them. ~ so,  just like it was straight out of a romantic movie, he tied a string around her finger, and she said yes.

she has a laugh that lights up the room, and his smile when he looks at her would warm anyone’s heart. she crinkles her nose when she laughs and he tells her he loves that about her, then she crinkles it even more. these two are perfect together, and there isn’t any other way you could describe it. when scott and i first met rachelle & kevin a few months ago over what was going to be a drink, it naturally turned into 3 hours of great conversation, shared food and a ton of laughs. we truly feel like we have gained yet another set of amazing friends, and we couldn’t be more excited to be capturing their fairytale next summer ~ and with that, i feel like their engagement session is too cute to say another word, so i will let the photos do the talking! enjoy!! xo

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  xo ~

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  1. Kaihla Stupka says:

    Dying over these images Meg!! <3 I don't what it is about today, but i'm obviously feeling emotional since that engagement story made me tear up!! hahaha
    Gorgeous session girl!!

  2. Vanessa Agassiz says:

    Love this! What a beautiful story!

  3. Joanne Dove says:

    Guys these pictures are too cute! You both look amazing! I am so happy for you! Wish you both the best of luck <3 xx

  4. Rachelle Eloschuk says:

    Meg you are amazing!! Thank you thank you for the beautiful pictures we had so much fun!!

  5. Gillian Smart says:

    Amazingly beautiful!!

  6. Carolyn Gartner says:

    These are amazing !

  7. Shaunna Burchell says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Debbie Eloschuk says:

    ❤stunning pictures! Looking forward to meeting you at the wedding, Meg!

  9. Katherine Elizabeth says:

    These are amazing photos (although I think it’s impossible to take a bad picture of you two) miss you both xo



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