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Random Tuesday Ramblings

well, i had an advice to past brides post ready for today from the beautiful kristy, but i decided i think i want to switch up the format for them. i would love to hear some topics that planning brides are finding stressful or challenging. then i can ask my group of amazing brides if they have any advice and write the blogs topic-to-topic instead of bride-to-bride… what do you all think? it would help me out SO much if you could post in the comments section things you think would be helpful! a few ideas i had were: creating the guest list, wedding day timeline, choosing a venue, planning from a distance, picking vendors, how to cope with the planning stress, writing your own vows vs. not doing so, ….. any other things that you planning brides would find helpful? let me know and i’ll start working on it for you!!

for now, i will leave you with some random thoughts 🙂

-i have all of a sudden taken an interest in interior decorating blogs. when i need a break from work, i have been heading over to pinterest to get inspiration for our new house… i think i am most excited to have a space to decorate again! if you have a favorite interior design blog, leave them in the comments section because i would love to check it out!

-i am loving the start of fall and pumpkin spice lattes, BUT, i found a new coffee shop while meeting with my beautiful friend bri from brizzie styles yesterday that had ROLO LATTES… that’s right friends. and it even came with a rolo chocolate stick. hello favorite thing, ever.

– i have only remnants of neon-orange toe-nail polish left on 4 of my toes from this summer. i am not sure whether to think that is impressive since i haven’t painted them in over 2 months… or that i am just lucky we are now going into “sock-season”…

– i am pretty much the most excited person ever to be heading out to bikini town for one last 2013 weekend this friday ~ we are celebrating thanksgiving with amazing friends and family and i can’t wait!! to clarify for my usa friends, it is canadian thanksgiving this weekend… and if you are wondering what my friend jess from chicago was wondering when i told her “what do canadians do on thanksgiving”, i will tell you the same. “we give thanks” 😉

– last night scott and i looked at our calender for the next 8 months and it became apparent that we in fact don’t even really need a house this year.. for the few days a month we are actually home we could probably get by with just a really nice tent ;). just kidding. i love where we live right now, but it is crazy to see how much we will be on the road for this next year… life of a gypsy!!

-our new home that we are building in cochrane, alberta is currently in the consolidation process, we have chosen everything from flooring to light fixtures, and i seriously am so excited that i can’t even think about it… good thing we will be so busy up until april, it’s going to be possession day before we know it!

-i can’t wait for daylight savings time so i can get up in the morning without feeling like it is the middle of the night… i already miss summer and long days of sunshine!

-i have no idea when daylight savings time is. i should figure that out.

-my parents are headed to africa in a month and i am SO crazy excited for them and to hear about all of their adventures… they are going camping (with a guide) in the wild…IN A TENT!! i have a feeling i might have a heart attack if i saw anything, seeing as i am even terrified of dogs and cows. i think its so cool they are doing a trip totally out of their comfort zone – despite my irrational fear of medium to large bodied animals (haha, but seriously its not a joke…)… i wish i could go with them and would love to do that one day with scott!! life begins outside of your comfort zone!

-scott is getting to be a really good photographer – the other night he took me out on a date night to one of or favorite restaurants, and on the way there we stopped for an imromptu roadside photoshoot- he took these shots of me and i just can’t believe how good he is getting! i better step up my game folks! 😉

-with that, i am getting back to work!! i have so many incredible sessions to get edited today, i am excited to share them all with you!! 🙂 here are a couple sneaks of what is coming! happy tuesday!



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