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Exciting Changes and a New Chapter! AHH!

ready for it? 😉

scott and i are SUPER excited to “officially announce” that we are going to be moving to back to alberta!!! we have 8 months left in the beautiful province of british columbia while scott finishes school, (in which i plan to take absolutely everything in to the fullest while we are still in lake country), and then we will be starting a new chapter of our life in cochrane (just west of calgary) where we are building our new home!!! AHHH! it is seriously a dream come true to be building a custom home that is everything we have ever imagined in a community that we absolutely fell in love with, and i still can’t believe it is actually happening! we will still be shooting in kelowna and taking new clients from the okanagan/b.c. area for 2014 ~ and on top of that i am looking forward to having more availability to allow us to take on new alberta clients as well! eeeek!!

if there has been one thing i have learned over the last 5 years in my life, it is that you can plan for the future as much as you want, but life doesnt always work that way. situations change, opportunities come up and your idea of where you think you want to be is different then before… pretty soon, you find yourself on a path you could have never even imagined…and as soon as you can, it changes again. and that’s okay.

if you would have asked scott and i 4 years ago where we would be now, we probably would have told you that we would still be living in our first home in the small town of acme alberta,  scott would still be working at his family manufacturing business and i would be a full time elementary teacher in a small town school… WOW!  we would have never guessed one day we would sell our shares in scotts business in alberta, pick up everything and move 8 hours away so scott could go to school in kelowna. we would have never guessed i would find a career in photography. we would have never guessed we would be faced with the decision of “what to do next” when scott graduated, or that he would have gotten his degree while also running his own business….we would never even have guessed that we would have a dog, HA! 😉

what i am trying to say is that we are so blessed with all the curve balls and changes that life has thrown at us so far, and i am SO crazy thankful that we have learned early in our relationship and early in our lives how to roll with the punches. i believe that life can be so much more amazing and rewarding if you are open to change, open to taking a risk and doing what your heart is calling you to do, whether or not it is the “right” decision, only doing what you feel is the “best” decision for that moment. because that is really all we have. right now. this moment. and we are the ones who have the control over what we want that to look like. if you live your life always planning for 10 steps ahead, you run the risk of missing opportunities and life that is sitting right infront of you, and when life throws you that curve ball, it will be a lot harder to handle. i want to live my life looking for the curve balls because the truth is, there is beauty in the unplanned. those moments in life where you choose to make a decision not knowing the outcome. when you jump and build your wings on the way down. there is excitement in accepting the fact that we don’t know it all. we can’t plan for it all. we don’t know where our path is leading us and that situations can change as much as we think we got it figured out. i truly believe that the best way to look at these situations for us, is that whatever the outcome, good or bad, we will learn, and we will live it out together. and as much as we LOVE living in lake country and there will be things about it that we will miss like crazy, i couldn’t be more excited to take this next step in our lives and to see what’s coming next!

so with that, we are off to the  “style magic” design center (awesome name, right?)  bright and early this morning to start this crazy exciting process of building our new house! today is the day we decide on colors, cabinets, flooring, lighting and all of those fun details in which i am so indecisive over… so wish us luck and i will be blogging so you all can follow along this journey with us!! we are just feeling so blessed and anxious to see what this new season of our life will bring, and we can’t wait to share it with you all along the way!!!

happy monday friends!!! xox

meg + scott.


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  1. Kaihla Stupka says:

    Whoooop whoop!! I love this post 🙂 SO looking forward to having you two closer!!

  2. Janelle Kent says:

    SO exciting Meg 🙂

  3. Jacqueline Kathol Kenney says:

    That’s exciting Meg! Congrats on the new venture!

  4. Roz Edge-Kossowan says:

    Wow!!!! That is where I live 🙂

  5. Tegan Dow says:

    Congratulations meg! That’s so exciting, change is fun isn’t it?!!

  6. Johanne Lawn says:

    Congrats and how exciting. Best of luck to you both!!

  7. Lynn Bailey says:

    follow your dreams!

  8. Joelynn Biever says:

    AWESOME news!! I am super HAPPY for you guys! You guys are both amazing inspiration all the time with your dream chasing all the time. I love it, because it let’s me know that anything is possible and no matter what happens you can always take something good out of a situation even if it doesn’t go the way you had hope. Thank You for continuing to be a lovely inspiration to me and constantly sharing your stories + positivity about life. You’re tremendously awe-inspiring beautiful people. <3

  9. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    That’s so exciting guys! We have to make sure we meet up before you move further away!

  10. Amy Thompson says:

    You are a great writer. I wish I had that skill.

  11. Ashley Marie says:

    Reading your blog just made me feel better about change..I’ve never liked change much but thinking I should be more open to it now, so thank you and good luck on the new chapter of changes in your life;)



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