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Ryan & Cecily Willan | Chatham Ontario Wedding

we opened the doors, her wedding dress hanging on the armour of the most princess themed hotel room i have ever seen, everything spotless. her pink glitter shoes sitting on the ledge and i immediately had one of those moments where i realized how blessed i am to be documenting fairytales as my career, it honestly took my breath away. the bridesmaids were in and out of the room as we were shooting the details shots, getting into their dresses and helping eachother each do a different “wrap” style so not one girl was the same even though all the dresses were identical. i couldn’t help but be reminded of that scene in cinderella where they are trimming and making the dress as they were taking turns standing on the table so their dresses could be cut off at the right length depending on which wrap style they had. when it was time for cecily to put on her wedding gown, she stood infront of the full length mirror with her mother and the whole room went quiet. everyone was in awe of how absolutely stunning she looked standing in that grand setting. a real life princess if i have ever seen one. and of course the quiet was followed by a thousand {loud} exclamations of how perfect she was. 😉 surrounded by her best friends, pure joy filled every space and i was so thankful to get to be the one who was capturing it. {hotel: Retro Suites, Chatham Ontario}

the whole day was filled with details that made my heart flutter. the giant tree they were wed under with the lanterns and chandelier hanging above them. the laughter and love from the hundreds of people who surrounded them. their sweet, sweet families are both so welcoming and kind. their reception decor filled with candle light, tulle, and the romantic love seat where ryan and cecily shared their first meal as a married couple together. the toasts and the friendship. ryan and cec are surrounded by SO many people who love them more than anyone would be able to describe, and their love for eachother is inspiring. they laugh. loudly. a lot. it is the basis of everything they do and it is contagious to everyone around them. they laugh with each other and they laugh with those around them constantly. and what an amazing life they will lead doing just that. 🙂

congratulations again cec & ry. seriously. what an amazing day. i still cant get over how perfect every single little thing was, and i mean it when i say that this would TOTALLY be my dream wedding if i had known what i was doing 3 years ago when planning ours, haha!! i have had SO much fun hanging with the two of you and your amazing family and friends over the last few days, and i hope you all enjoy this preview!  YAY TO BEING MARRIED!!!! love you both!! xo ~ meg.

 you are stunning cecily! <3believe it or not, that storm never hit us!! it was perfect weather all day long!

how beautiful are those dresses right?!? the girls got them off of etsy! amazing!

so glad we made this quick roadside stop on the way to the reception!

yay for getting an amazing sunset!! so thankful for couples like cec and ry who let me sneak them out of the reception for a 5 minute sunset shoot! so worth it!

…the most AMAZING reception venue and my dream-wedding decor! so soft and romantic! {the Armouries in Chatham, Ontario}they played the game where the guests had to demonstrate the kiss, and then ry and cec would have to copy … i think this is one of the best ones i have seen yet!! they nailed it!!

a huge shout out to my good friend and second shooter, tamara lockwood, for taking the train from toronto all the way to chatham ontario to help me out with this wedding! scott had to stay home because he had school on friday and monday, so i was crazy thankful that tamara was able to come out and second shoot and she was such a HUGE help throughout the whole day!! grateful for the showit community who brought us together ~ she is amazing and you all can find more of her work on her facebook page here!!


**if you enjoyed these images, be sure to click the “like” button below, and feel free to leave this beautiful couple a comment in the comments section!!  if you would like to follow me on my adventures and most recent work, become a fan on facebook here 🙂 ~ Thank you SO much for being here, and i hope you have a beautiful day!

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  1. Pat Hook says:

    what wonderful pictures Meg!!

  2. Megan Huggins says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Liza Shelly Baylis says:


  4. Ashley Baylis says:

    amazing! so gorgeous

  5. Aunt Gerry says:

    so much planning and thought went into this beautiful day Congratulations!

  6. Luanne Richmond says:

    Just beautiful!!

  7. Luanne Richmond says:

    Just beautiful!!

  8. Mindy Gretzinger says:

    Outstanding photos Meg! It was a beautiful day, with a great couple, great food and some boys did some great dancing! LOL!

  9. Wendy Wright says:

    It is all so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye Loved every picture and it sure captured the journey of the day Thanks for sharing Love and God Bless Wendy (Amber’s Grandma)

  10. Tara Simpson says:

    Beautiful. Congrat’s!!!!

  11. Pam Rougoor says:

    Great pictures and very special memories captured by a talented photographer ! Congratulations Ryan &Cecily

  12. Aleshia Kostyshen says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats to the happy couple!

  13. Jennifer Dawson says:

    So sad we missed it but these beautiful pics truly share what must have been a very special event. congrats to you both.

  14. Tamara Lockwood says:

    YOU are amazing woman!!! Such beautiful work, and an absolute blast to work with. Much love <3

  15. Cheryl Hildebrandt Nichol says:

    These are amazing photos! I’m so happy we’ve come across your work!

  16. Cheryl Hildebrandt Nichol says:

    Love your work Meg…. beautiful!

  17. Donna Matier says:

    Such special shots of an amazing day with an amazing couple! Thanks so muchMeg! You are a very talented photographer! I’m so glad we had the chance to meet you!

  18. Ginny Thomas says:

    Probubly the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen!

  19. Janis Willan says:

    Holy Guacamole’!!!! These are SO AMAZING Miss Meg Courtney!! You continue to take the most beautiful photos and this is total proof of why you are a world travelling photographer… worth EVERY PENNY!! Love you. <3

  20. Louise Harder says:

    I just can not say enough about your work… I wish you would not live so far. You have one HECK of a career going on my dear…. For such a little girl. you have a gagillion ideas……. you rock.

  21. Natasha Worley says:

    Does anyone know who the decorator was for this wedding? I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere in the descriptions



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