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Nixon Joel | A moment so special.

yesterday, as i am sure you all saw from the many facebook posts, was a very special day. my best friend ashley and her husband tyler welcome little Nixon Joel into the world, all 8lbs 15oz’s and 22.5inches of him! he is perfect in every way, and scott and i couldn’t be more excited for them!

scott and i have not been around babies much in our lives, so to go to the hospital yesterday and visit an 8-hour old baby was something totally new for us. to be honest, my friends and family always make fun of me for being “the most awkward person ever” around children under the age of 2 hahahah… i never really know what to do and the idea almost kind of scares me. my mom always jokes that i don’t even know what to say to people and it comes out awkwardly and something like “uhhhh heyy… i umm.. like your baby?” hahaha. SO, you can imagine it was slightly intimidating walking into the hospital room yesterday to meet little Nixon. as soon as we walked in, i felt so happy for ashley and tyler that i could have cried, and i even held Nixon and wasn’t awkward at all. i really am looking forward to this aunty thing after all! 😉

yesterday also reminded me what a gift i can serve people with. i was so honored to take some photographs for this new little family i love, and to document this incredibly special day in their lives. tylers eyes were so lit up the whole time we were there. you could just SEE how in love with his new son he is, and how much he loves ashley. it really was amazing to witness the 3 of them interact with each other. ashley is glowing and looks as beautiful as ever and as happy as i have ever seen her. i have considered ashley my older sister ever since we first met 10 years ago, and my little sister Steph also considers her a sister ~ her mom and dad are my family away from home out here and have been for as long as i can remember, and my mom and dad always refer to ashley as their “adopted child” 😉 . we are as close as close can get, and i am so proud of her and know she will be the best mama. the whole day was incredibly romantic, and scott and i are so honored that we got to share a peice of that with them, and to give them these photographs that will allow them to look back on that amazing day, and to one day show Nixon how special and loved he was right from the moment he entered this world.

we love you ash, ty and nixon!

meg & scott

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  1. Mindy Gretzinger says:

    I am thinking you guys will always have beautiful photos! Nice looking family and great job Meg!

  2. Janis Willan says:

    Meg – these are all so wonderful and will last a lifetime! Thanks so much for sharing them. Love you! xoxo

  3. Tanja Aelbrecht says:

    Omg, that is sooo cute. 🙂 And yes, you gave them a great gift with your photography. So many people hardly have any decent photos from those first moments.

  4. Ashley Willan says:

    Aww I just saw this!! Love it – thanks aunty Meg zozox

  5. Susan Carlson says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful new family.

  6. Michelle Sproat says:

    Sooo beautiful! You are a lucky girl to have been there in person and thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of who couldn’t be there XO We will be counting on you for continuous updates…and live vicariously through you!



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