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Tiff & Derek | 2 of my best friends!

she can put a smile on anyones face. especially his. she walks into a room and it is all of a sudden brighter. she has a gift for making people laugh, whether she means to or not  ~ my stomach muscles always hurt from laughing so hard whenever we are together. i am truly blessed to have tiff in my life, and she has been one of my best friends for as long as i can remember. from junior high sleep overs, volleyball teams, highschool adventures, university roomates, a bridesmaid at my wedding, to her being my spontaneous soul mate (haha!) we have had so many amazing memories together and so many more to come. she is the friend that we should all strive to be. always there to listen no matter what time of night it is. i know i can always count on her if i need to, and she always makes time for the important things. i really look up to tiff and all her amazing qualities, and am so lucky to call her on of my very best friends. ~ tiff and derek have been together coming up on 3 years, and he is so wonderful. scott and i love derek’s outgoing personality, and we felt like he was part of our little “family” ever since the first day we met him. he knows how to have a good time and we always love it when he is around. he treats tiff like a princess, and really makes her happier than i have ever seen her. i was so excited to be able to photograph these 2 amazing people last time i was home, tiff with a broken ankle and all! you would never know, she took her aircast off, threw her crutches in the bushes for every shot and looked beautiful as ever! thanks for spending the evening with me guys and for letting me take a few pictures for you! love you both!!



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  1. Jill Rose says:

    Love all the pictures. You are a wonderful photographer, Tiff and Derek look fantastic:)

  2. Raeann Kunz Johansen says:

    Awe, I love you guys, all of you!!

  3. Tanja Aelbrecht says:

    Now that’s dedication! 🙂

  4. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    How cute are they! Love the light your shot in as always 😀



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