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Kristy & Darren | Cedar Creek Winery Wedding

he looked at her with the most loving eyes. she looked back up at him, nose crinkled, giggling softly. they were “nose-kissing” as we jokingly called it and i took the photograph. i then dropped my camera and just watched. they were softly talking to themselves, her smile was so big and so was his. it was a perfect moment. he leaned in without me prompting him, and slowly kissed her on her cheek. she laughed at his candid gesture and they just stood there looking at each other, so in-love. in that moment i was incredibly moved by two people who clearly were made for each other. he loves her with the deepest sort of respect and affection, and her love for him is the same. in a moment so simple, anyone would have been able to feel it. and i am so honored to be the one to bottle those feelings up in a series of photographs.

congratulations on your beautiful day kristy and darren. scott and i truly enjoyed every second we got to spend with the 2 of you and your awesome friends and families. thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your fairytale and we wish you a life filled with laughter, adventure, and no shortage of “nose-kissing” 😉 –  safe travels tomorrow and have an amazing vacation in europe!

with love,

meg & scott

*if you enjoyed this post or if you wish to congratulate darren and kristy, be sure to click the “like” button on this page below, or leave them a comment!! thank you so much for being here and i hope you have a beautiful day!! <3

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  1. Kaihla Stupka says:

    BEAUTIFUL shots (as always) Meg! <3 What an adorable couple!

  2. Barbara Barkhouse says:

    Congratulations on your marriage.. The pictures are stunning. You all look gorgeous. Jill wants me to tell you that she likes your dresses.

  3. Sheri Zwicker- Roach says:


  4. Sheri Zwicker- Roach says:

    Just Beautiful

  5. Brianne Lutz says:

    Hey, I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award – – I truly love reading your blog, and I love YOU! 🙂 <3

  6. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    love the stairs shot! Gotta love the Okanagan for their wineries transporting us to Europe.



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