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It’s your Choice. Choose.

wow! where to begin, i have so much to share, but i wanted to start here. the last 7 weeks have been incredible, so many memories made, places seen, adventures had and stories to tell. living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks was exhilarating and exhausting all at once, but i loved every single second of it. (and i am also happy to be home now and NOT living out of a suitcase.. haha!) still can’t believe that it’s all over and we’re back at home. reality hit hard when my plane landed on thursday.

i’m sure as many of you know the feelings of “post-vacation depression”. scott and i were talking about it the other day and it seems that post CONFERENCE depression is also a real thing, haha! (anyone else ever feel this way?!?). i remember feeling heavy with my head in the clouds last year after united and wppi, however the last few weeks have been so incredible that this year it almost feels more like it is just too much joy to take in all at once. feelings of motivation and so much excitement that it is overwhelming, mixed with happiness and gratefulness and being terrified of the next steps and change. both scott and i have been struggling with this over the last few days, but today as i was driving into town with my windows rolled down, music as loud as it could go and the sun shining on my face i realized that i needed to be living by my own rules. it’s our choice. the way we live and the way we want to see things. the way we use this energy and motivation. we get to choose how we feel and think and exist. we get to write the script.

so even with the thousands of overwhelming ideas and thoughts and dreams i have in my head after such an incredible and life changing 6 weeks of laughter and adventure with great friends, i am choosing to only smile. i am choosing to not let stress or worry ruin a beautiful sunny day, a perfect moment, or a great idea. i get to choose to channel all of this crazy energy for positive and productive change in our life and our hearts and our businesses. there are so many wonderful and exciting things happening right now ~ moving, our new house, business opportunities, personal projects, travel plans, shooting season, and spring which leads to summer (wahoo bikini town!! :)).

this blog was merely a reminder to myself. something to hold me accountable. it’s so easy to fall into feeling overwhelmed when so many things start to happen at once, especially this time of year. so i challenge you to take control. this life is amazing. it’s perfect in every way and exactly how it should be. it is such a gift, we all need to remember to be grateful. it’s your choice how you see it. it’s your choice how you live it. so choose.

 (thanks to jeremy kester for this photo!

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  1. Taliah Leigh Berger says:

    This is amazing! I totally feel the same way. Such a great perspective and reminder for the post adventure blues.

  2. Tamra LaRae Photography, LLC says:

    LOVE this Meg!!!! and YES…. I have been feeling similar. I only attended United but I came back so full of ideas and possibilities, energy and to do lists and it’s been overwhelming to figure out where to start and how to merge and balance it with my family. Then I booked two weddings in the same morning and I was like OH MY GOODNESS… HOW am I going to manage (but SO excited at the same time!)? Then today I found myself outside with the warm sun on my face, camera in hand, watching my 5 yo work at mastering his bike and I realized life is what we make. We have to seize those moments and breathe them in deep. Thank you for putting this out there and reminding us to choose. =) Cannot wait to read more! PS – LOVED hearing you and Jackie talk at United – I learned so much. =)

  3. Kaitlyn Lindensmith says:

    Wow. I really needed this today. Thanks for being so open; you’ve made me realize it’s normal to feel overwhelmed–and truthfully, a bit lost–but those feelings can be the basis for positive and meaningful change in our lives. Thanks for pushing me to resist succumbing the feeling of chaos and instead, to channel that energy into happiness, gratefulness, and growth. You continue to be an inspiration to me!

  4. Kelley Jo Spurlock says:

    Love. love. love this. Life is a wonderful, beautiful, crazy ride! Enjoy every bit of it and make it exactly what you want it to be! You’re totally rocking it 😉

  5. Ashley Willan says:

    Be lucky you got to go 🙂 I always try to think that! Now sit back, relax and take it all in! All the crazy that is to come…



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