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Paige & Alex | New Zealand Sunset Session

ahhhh where to begin!! as most of you know, scott and i were so blessed to have spent the last week in beautiful New Zealand to photograph devon & danae’s absolutely fairytale wedding ~ if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely click here to see their blog post! i can’t get over the beauty of their love for one another combined with the breathtaking new zealand landscape!! <3 <3 <3

paige is danae’s twin sister, and scott and i had the please of photographing her and her boyfriend alex while we were in new zealand! on the day of the wedding, alex had offered to ride in our car to help us with directions (aka “make sure scott is driving on the left hand side of the road” hahaha – which he did great at, for the record!!) we were SOOO grateful for his offer, not only because we had no idea where we were going, but neither of us realized how confusing driving is when you are on the other side of the road for the first time haha! alex was so gracious to hang out with us all day and he went above and beyond with helping us out, from carrying gear to moving cars around to helping us with some fun light painting shots at the end of the night. we learned quickly that being helpful and kind is just alex’s nature, and we loved hanging with him for the day! as for page, she is as sweet as she looks in the photographs πŸ™‚ paige is constantly laughing and always has a huge smile on her face. she is charming and funny and quirky and LOVES soccer more than anyone. these two are highschool sweet hearts and after spending the evening/week with them and watching them interact, it was so inspiring to see them treat eachother with such admiration and respect. after we finished the shoot, i told scott that it was like paige and alex just walked right out of a nicolas sparks romance novel ~ infact some of these shots even reminded me of the cover photograph of one of his movies haha! long story short, we feel so blessed to have gotten to photograph their love for one another and for the chance to get to know them and their amazing family over the last week!! enjoy these images of this stunning couple and the beautiful countryside of auckland, new zealand!

(this image below…nicolas sparks novel… right?!?!?! πŸ˜‰ )

this spot was SOO worth hiking up and down this set of 150 stairs haha!! such an amazing viewpoint!! right at the end of the session as the sun was disappearing behind the hill, it started raining!!! seriously it was the most romantic thing ever…. NICOLAS SPARKS RIGHT?!?!?

**if you loved these images or if you know paige and alex, leave them some love by clicking “like” below or by leaving a comment in the comment’s section! thank you SO much for being here and i hope your day is filled with glitter and sunshine!!! xoxo ~meg.**

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  1. Cheryl Hildebrandt Nichol says:

    These photos are spectacular! You’ve captured their love & relationship perfectly! (minus the soccer ball – lol) Thank you Meg!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Whitney Cowan says:

    These are incredible Meg!! Beautiful work!!

  3. Paige Nichol says:

    hahaha love this post! Going to have to go look up Nicholas Sparks now! πŸ˜€ I love love love the photos and the blog you guys are amazing! Thanks for everything πŸ™‚ was awesome getting to know you and Scott! thank you again πŸ™‚ Xx

  4. Tanja Aelbrecht says:

    These are stunning Meg!

  5. Pauline Franks says:

    They are absolutely beyond beautiful

  6. Danae Nichol says:

    these are soo perfect and such a beautiful blog post and description of my sister and her man πŸ™‚ Thanks Meg yet again for being so amazing!!

  7. Kelley Jo Spurlock says:

    Holy crap. Those beach photos. I kind of want to be in the background dancing in that sunlight. It’s that good πŸ˜‰
    Fantastic pictures girl!!!

  8. Paul Jackman says:

    Great photos of you both, but sorry for saying the 2nd photo just looks like Alex is telling Paige about all the exceptional saves he made in his latest football match, and Paige has quite reasonably……………..fallen asleep.



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