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Hey, remember that time we…. | Our trip to Disney

it seemed like a great idea at the time, and like most things, when jackie and i are together and we say we are going to do something. we ARE going to do it. for this particular occasion, that consisted of us following jeremy into an EXTREMELY cold pool that hasn’t been heated (or cleaned…) in near freezing temperatures because as he said “you two will do anything ~ your spontaneous and impulsive!!” haha… and then somehow the 3 of us managing to convince the security guard back at our hotel to unlock the hottub gate so we could swim all night (literally allll night) in the middle of the most intense rainstorm just to say we did it. then driving to the grocery store with nothing but barefeet, our bikinis and $23 at 2am to get drinks for our spontaneous “pool party” and THEN, most impressively still driving to disney land the next day on no sleep. because, well, we had to, we said we were going to do it. when i write it out like that, it does seem to be a bit crazy. but afterall… i live for those crazy unplanned moments, and she lives to be loud, daring and impulsive. so it makes sense. this naturally turns into being best friends, with slightly weird stories… 😉

(thanks for this photo Jer hahaha…)

as much as i love sunshine, i still believe there is just as much magic to be found while dancing in the rain. we finally checked what time it was. 5:30am. the sky was getting lighter but the rain was still falling heavy on our shoulders. we would go from the cold pool to the hottub, back and forth. it was the most amazing feeling in the world, floating on my back with the rain pounding down harder then i think i have ever experienced. it was quiet but so loud. calming but so exciting. time seemed slower and laughs felt louder. as jackie would say, those are the moments in which we are really living. the ones that make you stop, unexpectedly. the moments that take your breath away. we kept joking that we felt like we were living in a movie. by 5:30am we were so close to pulling an all nighter that we just decided to make it one for real, just for fun. so we waited until 8:00am to get out, swimsuits discolored, hair destroyed from rain and long exposure to chlorine or whatever gross chemicals were in the pool and energized off of the laughter and epicness of the night before. our original plan had been to go to bed at a reasonable hour so we could get up early and make the drive from santa barbara to disney land for the day. but seeing as it was already 8am, we decided to sleep for at least an hour. when we woke, we were both equally as excited to be headed on another adventure… the happiest place on earth!!!

i’ve always been a person that says life is too short to waste it contemplating or planning (or sleeping, apparently, ha!). just jump. figure it out as you go. these are the moments we will all talk about when we are old and grey. there is so much beauty in the unplanned. the “remember that time when we… ” type of stories. i love that jackie and i push eachother to the max. we bring out the crazy in one another and i wouldn’t have it any other way. we are always thinking of ways to make memories. to make the moment count. to do something memorable. to push each other. to live loud and spontaneously. to see the magic and to be truly, 100% authentically ourselves in every way. i couldn’t be more grateful for her friendship, and excited for the many more unplanned adventures that i know we will have together.

so even with the craziness of the night before, we made the 3 hour drive to LA to go to disney land the next day. after eating breakfast, running errons, purchasing an auxiliary cord so we could jam to our ipod in the car, and then randomly helping jeremy and montana move montana’s stuff into storage (haha kinda… more like standing there, watching them move the stuff, but we were there ;)), we finally hit the road at 3pm! yup! that’s right.. perfect timing to hit LA at rush hour. (we even admitted to ourselves we maybe didn’t think that through, completely. 😉 haha)… but we went with it, we danced and sang our hearts out in the car, had great conversation as we sat in rushhour for hours.. watched the sunset from the highway.. got to disney after dark in the pouring rain, hit every single ride we had on our “must do” list, admired the castle (my favorite thing, ever.) got corn dogs and then got back in the car and drove all the way back to santa barbara before midnight! some would say it was crazy, (haha okay, *most* would say it was crazy…) efficient or impractical even. i say maybe it was, but it was exactly the way it should’a been. slightly irrational, and of course, the story we are still talking about…. “hey, remember that time when we went to disney?” 🙂

(and yes, bright and early the next morning we hit the road and drove to vegas, but more on that.. later :))

happy tuesday! do something crazy today!!



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  1. Jackie Gannon says:

    Oh my gosh. Reliving this through words is AWESOME! Sooo grateful for you friendship! There are going to be MANY more unplanned adventures. #bestfriendsweirdstories #hoodietime

  2. Kelley Jo Spurlock says:

    Love it. My friend and I did something similar to this once. We were hanging out on a Friday night and decided we were bored. So we drove to the airport, got the cheapest flight (Orlando, Florida) and flew out at like 5am Saturday morning. We ended up sleeping in the airport and going to Sea World (why we went there instead of Disney World, I’ll never know) and it was the most perfect thing ever.



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