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Trena Laine Makeup Artist | International Wedding Photographer

brides! meet trena laine:

she is beautiful inside and out, a absolute JOY to have around, helpful, kind, genuine and pure TALENT! this lady has it goin’ on, and you definitely want her or someone like her at your wedding! let me tell you why ~

when i got married, i didn’t believe in spending the extra money to have “professional makeup” done. i mean, i barely wore any makeup on a good day, so why would i want to wear a ton of makeup at my wedding… and anyways, i could do my own makeup good enough that no one would even notice. now looking back on it, i SO wish i would have reconsidered. before becoming a photographer, i had no idea how much of a difference professional makeup could make in a photograph. professionals know how to highlight all of your beautiful features so they pop in the photos and have quality product that lasts throughout the day. i am definitely a person who believes “less is more” when it comes to makeup, so i am by no means saying we all needs loads of product to look beautiful ~ but that is the fantastic thing about professionals! trena particularly makes her clients look and feel beautiful by highlighting their features in a natural way that still is soft and romantic. every time i have worked with her, the girls look absolutely STUNNING – and they feel stunning as well which makes the difference between a good photograph and a great one! so, if you are contemplating hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding and for your engagement photos, trust me in that it is totally worth it! engagement sessions are an awesome opportunity to do a trial with the makeup artist you choose, and it allows you to feel comfortable and confident in knowing what to expect on your wedding day. you are making a huge investment in having these moments of your life documented, so by going the extra mile to feel exceptionally beautiful you will not only have an incredible experience on your day, but you will also be that much more in-love with your photos for years to come. and besides, who doesn’t love being pampered every now and then 😉

if you are in calgary, be sure to check out trena’s website here, and for all of you brides who are in different parts of the world, i soo so strongly encourage you to do some research and find an artist who fits your style and personality! you won’t regret it!!

thanks for being so awesome trena, and for always being so enthused and genuinely excited for your clients. your passion shines through in your amazing work, and i know all of these girls were nothing but ecstatic when they saw how amazing they looked. you are a true talent, and i can’t wait to work with you again!! <3 <3 <3

…if you still need convincing, look no further – these photos speak for themselves! all the beautiful work of our very own Trena Laine 🙂

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  1. I completely agree, Meg. I had my makeup done by a professional at my wedding 4.5 years ago, and I’m so glad. I also wear very little makeup and it was so nice not to have to stress about it and worry when it didn’t go on just right. It was also relaxing and made me feel pampered!



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