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Jessica & Reese’s Happily Ever After | Fairytale wedding photographer

oh where to start with this wedding and this couple. jessica, however, is a crier… so to do her a favor and to save her some tears i will keep it short…ish. 😉

jessica is the definition of a princess, or what a princess should be. people all around her look to her like she is their very own cinderella – beautiful, stylish, soft spoken, sweet, genuine, FUN and whole-hearted. she is one of the most thoughtful, caring and nurturing people i have ever met, and after talking with her over the last year, her and reese have both become amazing friends of both scott and i ~ this by far is one of the best parts of my job, and i couldn’t be more thankful to have jess and reese in our lives for so many reasons.

i would shoot weddings like jessica and reeses every single day and it would never get old. a princess bride and her handsome groom who adores her, a ceremony location that is untraditional yet exceptionally classy. a bridal party filled with life long genuine friends, tons of unique DYI details, heartwarming speeches, tears of joy, some of the best two-stepping i have ever seen, and a sunset kissing everything with silky orange light while the specks in the air are lit up like pixie dust. everything was perfect. at the end of the night when we were taking the sunset photos, i was just “squealing” like a little girl from the beauty of it all. i swear it almost brought tears to my eyes watching reese twirl jessica around as they danced on the road in the low golden light, him never taking his eye off of hers, a true romantic moment that i happen to witness and photograph with my camera. it honestly felt like the end of a romantic movie, and i couldn’t be more honored to be the one they trusted to capture it all.

on top of all the magic that happened during the day, jessica and reese said some of the kindest words to me that i will never forget in their thank-you speech. jessica’s geniune nature and ever-lasting encouragement as she thanked scott and i in front of all their guests will be a moment in my career that i will never forget. it was humbling and empowering, and jessica i really want to tell you how much i appreciate your unwavering love and support <3

so without further due ~ the beginning of jessica and reeses happily ever after….

jess and reese held hands on either side of the wall right before the  ceremony – they couldn’t see each other, but it was so sweet watching them have this moment right before jessica walked down the isle…

one of the sweetest ‘father-daughter’ dances i have seen… and my all time favorite image <3….

thanks so much to my husband scott for being SUCH a huge help on this amazing day ~  sc ~ you continue to impress me by finding the angles that i don’t see, taking care of  the behind the scenes, cracking jokes when i need people to smile, carrying bags, braving the 38 degree heat in your black suit (that looks REALLY good… 😉 ) and doing whatever you have to do to make things run smoothly – i don’t know how i would do it without you, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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  1. grace says:

    Love the bride and groom shots and bridal party shots! They are so beautiful. That’s so awesome your husband has skillz to help you out at the events!

  2. Great Job Meg! Love all of the expressions you captured from the entire bridal party

  3. L says:

    HOLY STUNNING! Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous wedding party, gorgeous setting, gorgeous details, gorgeous photography!

  4. Cathy says:

    Those where the cutest wedding pictures I have ever seen!! The Bride simply beautiful. Very fun and playful :} Truely unique!!



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