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Traci & Travis | Engagement {Kelowna Wedding Photographer}

they were laying in the grass as i set up the shot, she started playfully singing and he joined her. they looked at each other and laughed. he brushed the hair out of her eyes and she leaned in for a kiss. he whispered to her that he loved her and she giggled. they froze there in a moment so sweet with their eyes locked, like there was no one else in the world. the chemistry between these two is unbelievable, and spending the evening with them reminded scott and i how amazing life is when you are consciously putting effort into making one another feel loved all of the time. we got in the car and started driving home after the shoot and he reached for my hand. this isn’t unusual but something was different. it was like i could feel his heart behind this small gesture and he didn’t let go until we pulled into the garage. the effect of watching two people so amazingly in-love is powerful. and the type of love and happiness these two share is contagious. it makes you want to smile and giggle and go cuddle your loved ones. i’m so excited for traci and travis, and scott and i feel so blessed that they came into our lives!!

another reason why i am so excited about these photographs is because of how much effort traci and travis both put in to make sure the session was the best it could be. they spent hours driving around the okanagan in search for the perfect location that fit their vision. they organized to have the old red truck for the shoot, and traci spent her afternoon today getting her hair and makeup professionally done, something i recommend to all of my brides for their engagement sessions 🙂 ~ not only that, but travis had purchased the dress traci wore back in october as gift to her, and she has been saving it in her closet ever since then because she knew it would be the perfect outfit for their engagement photos ~ now that is will-power ladies!! 😉 – i am so blessed to have so many amazing couples this year who put a crazy amount of thought and energy into the details of their shoots, it really does pay off and i am grateful for every single one of you!!  traci and travis, the time and effort that was put into your session definitely did not go unnoticed!! you both looked amazing and i am so excited about the images! thank you so much again and scott and i seriously can’t wait for your september wedding!!! ~  enjoy! <3

Hair done by Holly DeLeenheer (Noir Salon, Vernon BC: ph. 250-549-1199)
Makeup done by Serena Pateliotes (Serena Pateliotes Makeup, Vernon BC: ph. 250-306-5767)

*if you know traci & travis or if you enjoyed this post, be sure to leave them some love in the comments section below! to follow along my latest work and adventures, become a fan on facebook here and/or follow me on instagram here! thank you so much for being here, and have a beautiful day!! <3

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  1. Charlene Stam Photography says:

    these are stunning! you are a true rockstar when it comes to posing!

  2. Jete Devisser says:

    Are you KIDDING me? one of my faves EVER from you. Seriously. Every single photo is amazing.

  3. Kristy Featherstone says:

    What an amazing session!!!! Love every single image! Stunning!

  4. Ashley Durance says:

    Oh love this!!!

  5. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    Super pretty Meg! I love the 3rd one down especially 😀

  6. Sharon Gauthier says:

    Wonderful memories captured!! Well done!! Congratulations!!

  7. Kaihla Stupka says:

    INCREDIBLE session lady! ♥

  8. Justine Russo says:

    Seriously your best session everrrrrr Meg! I love it!

  9. Ashley Willan says:

    Wow these are amazing! Good work <3

  10. Brianne Lutz says:

    I could just stare at these all day, they are pure perfection. You perfectly captured their young, intense, romantic love so well it gives me shivers. And I LOVE the details she thought to add! The shot with the teacup? My heart flutters! <3 this Meg, unbelievable!

  11. Ashleigh Fuglem says:

    Gorgeous photos! Love the details and everything! As a photographer your work is definitely inspiring!

  12. Danika Rabuck says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  13. Kristy Klaassen says:

    L-L-L-LOVE them! oh my word. such a gorgeous spot too. and truck. and couple.

  14. Charlene Cyr says:

    I’ve had the chance to go through all the pictures over and over again! So beautiful, every one of them! What a keepsake to treasure for a lifetime! Thanks Meg for bringing out the inner and outer beauty of Traci and Trav!

  15. Denise McMahon says:

    Absolutely stunning! As I looked through all the pictures I was getting goose bumps 🙂 I understand how you would go over them and over them Char……..amazing photography….such a beautiful couple.

  16. Bethany Joy Wood says:

    Beautiful! I loved the photos.

  17. Jocelyn de Moissac says:

    oh meg….. wow this is beautiful. these two are going to make some seriously adorable mini’s!

  18. Kathy Izaguirre says:

    Anyone else notice the mosquito in one of the shots? Awesome pictures!



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