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Carissa & Tyler | Engagement {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

it was like the stars just aligned for us as i was setting carissa and tyler up for the first shot – the sun setting beautifully behind the hill of my aunt and uncles farm, the vibrant green that surrounded us from the crazy amount of rain that has hit alberta in the last couple weeks, tyler softly talking to carissa making her nose scrunch up and her giggle that was infectious, and then, like it was straight out of an enchanted story-book, the white and brown horses came wandering out of nowhere down the hill perfectly into the frame. i had to stop and take a deep breath because i couldn’t believe how magical it all looked right in front of my eyes. some of my friends always joke that i have a serious case of “horseshoes” (haha) because things always seem to line up for me… i do somewhat believe it and it makes me laugh, and the other part of me believes that the amazing things that happen in your life depend on your attitude. if you put positive vibes out there, amazing things will happen and when they do, you will be able to see them and fully experience the moment. sure seems like that is what happens for me, anyways.

needless to say, carissa and tylers session took my breath away more than once. they are the sweetest couple and i am so excited that we got to hang out this week, and i can’t wait for their september wedding back here in alberta. carissa and scott were able to “wallow in sadness over the detroit redwings” and their recent loss knocking them out of the nhl playoffs, and we shared so many laughs and good convo throughout the evening. a huge thank you to my aunty linda and uncle dale for letting us use their pasture for the location, and to carissa and tyler for driving all the way out to redland! when you have a vision for your shoot, the extra effort always pays off and usually turns out better than anything you could have dreamed of ~ i think i can safely say that is what happened here!! carissa & tyler ~ you guys are awesome and thank you so much for trusting scott and i with these images! i am thrilled to be the one to capture this first chapter of your fairytale and can’t wait until september!!! enjoy!!


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  1. Shauna DuBois says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your lighting couldn’t have been more perfect! xoxoxoxo my sweet friend!

  2. Jillian Tree says:


  3. JimCunningham JohannaJager says:

    Great pictures and beautiful setting.

  4. Tracy Iwanciwski Skage says:

    So beautiful! You both look so happy! Congrats again! Luv Tracy xoxo.

  5. Marg Jager Apoll says:

    Beautiful Carissa & Tyler! Especially the Oiler Jersey, lol ;-).

  6. Cilena Victoria says:

    SO CUTE! I love them!



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