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today is the best day… Disney bound!

i can’t believe today is actually here!! we have been planning and getting excited for this trip for 7 months, and i feel like i am 12 years old again! for the next week we will be submerged in a world of magic and enchantment, and then for 10 days after that we will be soaking up the sun in Key West!!

i have been to disney world once before, when i was 12 and my little sister was 8. when you are at that age, everything is larger than life, so i am excited to see what going back as adults will be like. i have a feeling, with my family, that it willstill be larger than life. we love all things disney and the imagination between my sister and my dad would blow anyones mind. HA! i am sure there will be tons of laughter, love and celebration of the holidays none-the-less. my parents left a couple weeks ago and started their adventure early, by driving from rockyford alberta all the way down to florida. they stopped in new mexico and texas to visit our extended family who lives there, and then continued on their journey experiencing as much as they can on the way. they were excited to “have lunch on the arora” yesterday, and are headed to new orleans today and will meet us in orlando on thursday. i think as excited i am to go to disney world, i may be more excited to see those 2 special people more than anything. the last time we were all together was thanksgiving, CANADIAN thanksgiving, which is at the beginning of october, so it feels like forever and i can’t wait to give both of them a gigantic hug.

so, i will be blogging less while we are on holidays, but will try and do a post here and there with some images from our adventures. my sister will be doing a guest blog sometime next week (you won’t want to miss that! she is an aspiring writer and insanely talented). also, the wednesday Q&A series will continue in the new year!

hope you all enjoy your holidays, hope they are filled with love and laughter and family. and with that, we are off on a jet plane to the world of disney!!



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  1. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    I have been wanting to go to disney for awhile now too! I haven’t been since I was 6. Have so much fun and I dare you to dress up as sleeping beauty and walk around the magic kingdom.



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