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The Secret. My Secret.

have any of you heard of documentary (book and/or movie) The Secret? if you haven’t, i would highly recommend reading about it (to read about it click here) or better yet, grabbing some popcorn, snuggling up on the couch and renting the movie . honestly, it will change your life ~ and for the better. people who know me always say i have “horseshoes” ;), but really, all i have is The Secret. My Secret.

i have been living my life through the concept of The Secret before i even knew it existed. my dad, who was my ringette coach for 14 years, always told us to “think positively”, we were never allowed any negativity in the dressing room and that rule came home with us too. anytime my sister or i ever said “i can’t do it!”, it would be a major topic of discussion for the next hour. he always says ~ “whether you say you can or you can’t, your right” (i’m pretty sure he didn’t make this quote up, but i like to think he did 😉 )

lately, with all the busy-ness, the editing, the chaos, and even the rain, i have been slightly forgetting about my obsession with The Secret. today i had a moment. all of a sudden i felt a knot in my stomach and i felt a wave of emotion wash over me like a tsunami. i couldn’t pin it down, and i think it was a mixture of anxiety, stress, nerves, and excitement.. but all i could feel was the immensity it had over me and my body in that moment. on a regular day, i do my best to take these emotions and transfer them into positive energy, but i had let my positive energy slip through the cracks, until now. my husband reminded me that when feeling the way i was, slightly overwhelmed with all of the ideas and ‘to-do’s’ and the pressure, that it is important to take a step back and reflect on everything going on around me. he is absolutely right, and that is what i did. and when i did, all i could see was positive energy ~ just like that, The Secret was back ;). after this reflection, all i saw is how excited i am about the upcoming wedding this saturday ~ I have so many amazing ideas and visions that the emotion is running through me like a crazy-train right now as I type it. I have new business goals, branding ideas and expansions on the brain, i have loads of editing to do because people love my work and keep honoring me with their business. i have a house that is a disaster with STUFF everywhere because we are fortunate enough to have this STUFF, which is mostly luxurious items such as computers and cameras and school textbooks and CLOTHES (lots of clothes ;)) and a dog, who may be irritating at times but  brings both me and my husband so much love. all of these things are GOOD, and are not things to cause stress or anxiety. they are privileges and i am so grateful for each and every one of them. this my friends, is My Secret.


thanks SC, you always keep me on track and smiling <3

Photo credit: Janine Sept of Janine Sept Photography


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  1. Lisa Helfrick says:

    It’s gloomy and rainy in Calgary today which mimicked my mood. Thank you for this post and unknowingly sending me a few reminders <3 So sweet!



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