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Life is good!

i have so much to be thankful for i don’t even know where to start! so i guess i will start with the weekend itself!

it was such a beautiful and relaxing weekend out at bikini town for thanksgiving with my family. although there were no “bikinis” this time round, it was still so peaceful just to be out there! i love sitting by the warm fire snuggled up on the couch in the living room, the calm water and the orange trees, and BEST OF ALL THE COLD NIGHTS! i love being cozied up in my bed upstairs where it is literally FREEZING and covered in so many blankets that i can hardly move, haha!! it was a bit of a whirlwind trip as scott and i went out to the cabin with my family on thursday night, came home on friday evening, i shot a wedding in vernon on saturday (which was amazing! click here to see teasers!) and then after a long day of shooting sc met me in vernon and we drove to sicamous, got in the boat and made a midnight run up the lake to get back to the cabin for another 2 days. although it may have been a busy couple days of back and forth, the calmness once we were there was absolutely perfect <3. our weekend was filled with laughter, love and good company (and studying, too, unfortunately for scott and steph 😉 ).

the quietness at the cabin gave me lots of time to think. and given the time of year, i found myself frequently thinking about what i am thankful for ~ something that i need to make an effort to do more than just once a year. i found myself going through the events and the changes in my life throughout the year, and i came up with so many things that i owe gratitude towards that it completely overwhelmed me.

this year has been so amazing, and i am so thankful for my husband and the insane amounts of fun that we have together. i am also thankful for his wonderful family who i am now able to call my own. i am thankful for my mom and my dad who are both some of my very best friends, as well my idols in life. i am thankful for my sister who is always there for me and who i can laugh endlessly with. i am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me and that i am able to capture that through my camera. i am so so thankful for all of YOU ~ the readers of my blog and fans of my photography business. i am thankful for the opportunity to set out on a journey for a career that i am in love with. i am thankful for my friends and all of the people in my life who love me and support me. i am thankful for the path that my husband and i are on together, and for the dreams i have about where we are headed for in the future. life is good! and i am sooo so thankful for that!


here are a few photos that i snapped over the weekend.

my family all together before we left the cabin this morning. we won’t all be together again until Dec. 26th, when scott and i meet my mom and dad and sister in hawaii for 3 weeks ~ how lucky and thankful are we!?!?

my mom’s wedding rings ~ i am so thankful for her and my dad, and to have such great role models for both life and marriage <3

tucker <3


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