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Shoot & Share | The Okanagan Photographer’s Group!

are you a shoot and share photographer in the okanagan area? if yes, yay!! because i am beyond excited that we have finally put together our local group for shoot & share photographers!!!

a shoot and share photographer is a photographer who is focused on service. we share the high resolution digital files with our clients, and we are always trying to learn how we can be of better service to our clients and to each other. shoot and share photographers celebrate new photographers. we believe that we are better together. we believe in sharing our gifts, the importance of community, and living a more fulfilled life by putting our focus on to others.

for scott and i personally, shoot and share just works. our clients quickly become our friends, and i do not want to be worrying about how i am going to pay my bills based off of how many prints or products we are able to sell to them. i am not a sales person, and that isn’t where my heart is for my career. i want to hook my clients up with the best deals for prints and products because they are my friends, and that is what friends do for eachother. i want to offer them products they don’t have access too anywhere else at an affordable cost, i want to share the PASS gallery with them and their wedding guests so everyone can enjoy the photographs from the day, and i want to serve them with whatever they need instead of that awkward moment when a 4×6 costs $10 through me, and anyone knows it’s only $0.50 at costco. our goal is always to make our money on the front end, and then provide an exceptional service and experience for each of our clients that they can’t get anywhere else. we want to focus on serving them, meeting their every need and being there for them on a personal level, not as a sales person. i truly and wholeheartedly love my clients, and i am not good at sales so i don’t want to be relying on that aspect to make money. while shoot and share photographers still serve their clients by offering products (especially unique pieces that they don’t have access to otherwise, such as the HHboogie line), that is not what we are basing our salary off of. although the alternative model of shooting to sell works amazing for others, shoot and share is a much better fit for us, and that is okay! one of the things i have learned quickly in this industry is that we all must play to our strengths, one way of doing things is in no way better than another, it is just about finding what is a good fit for you, your vision for your business, and for your clients ~ and that is why i am so excited and proud to be a shoot and share photographer 🙂

the local shoot and share groups are a place for local photographers who are focused on service to learn and grow from one another. it is a place where we can brainstorm ideas on how we can improve, it is a place to make new friendships, give hugs, celebrate each other and learn together. our goal for the okanagan group is to plan monthly meetups where we could either do a shoot together, photograph each other, host little workshops, share meals, mingle, maybe watch a live workshop online or (as julie story would say) even just hang out and throw glitter in the air 😉. if you love this idea but aren’t in the okanagan, check out the shoot & share map here to join the group in your area!! i can’t wait to get this rolling, and if you are interested in joining our okanagan group, leave me a comment here and i will add you!

hope you all have an amazing Wednesday afternoon, and happy sharing! <3


meg + scott.

a few photos from some of the AMAZING friendships we have made with other shoot & share photographers ~ we really are better together, and we are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our life thanks to this community! we can’t wait to meet more of you and to make some incredibly fun memories together soon! <3

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  1. Nicole L Gibson says:

    Would it count if you travel to Kelowna all the time?! I live about 8 hours away in Prince George but have tons of family there so visit a lot! I was just looking into joining a group the other day and saw BC had I think the one in Vancouver 🙁

  2. Naomi Lynn says:

    I would LOVE to be part of this group – I agree whole-heartedly with everything you touched on 🙂 I’m a tad bit further out, being in Kamloops, but it just gives me a good reason for a road trip!

  3. Alyssa Turner says:

    Love this!!! So many memories, can’t wait to make more!

  4. Kelsey Wilson says:

    What a great idea I would love to be included thank you for the invite and opportunity sounds like so much fun!!

  5. Dawn Vollering-Mace says:

    This is a great idea, always want the customer to come first….also can never get enough of our fellow photographers I feel that we learn so much from each other.

  6. Laurie Dew says:

    I would love to attend, are there any prerequisites?



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