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Working One-on-One | For Photographers

i’m so excited about this!! for the last few years i have gone back and forth on how to give back to the photography community. i have thought about hosting workshops or photography weekend get-togethers, i’ve had mentoring clients, helped out with the team-x coaching program, organized a few local shoot & share meetups, became a speaker at some very large conferences and over the last year, i even got to come alongside a few different friends and together we worked on developing their messaging and creating more effective and unique business models to get a them rocking. after a lot of thought and prep, i have finally figured out that one-on-one is definitely the way i want to do things, and i decided to officially open up 4 one-on-one spots for photographers looking for an outside perspective, and who are wanting someone to work with them on getting their business where they want to be… and crazy enough even though i am just announcing this this morning, i only have 2 spots left! ahh! <3

i am a firm believer that without knowing someones complete situation, there is no way i could come up with a “program” that would be applicable across the board. sometimes what is great advice and practice for one person can actually be harmful to another, depending on their goals and their circumstances. SO, i have decided to do this one-on-one approach where i would come alongside you, we would first talk about what areas need to be focused on (messaging, online presence, client experience, marketing, shooting/editing etc.), and then we would create a plan from that and work at it in sections over whatever period of time fits best. because i am living on kauai most of this would be done through weekly skype calls, and also there may be some who benefit from some things being done in person if required (which can be arranged if needed). because this experience is going to be different for everyone depending on what they need, investment will range anywhere between $500-$1500, and once we chat we will have a better idea of what it will look like you for you! i have one slot left starting immediately, and the other slot is starting in march so let me know ASAP if you are interested!

for more information or if you would like to set up a consultation skype call, send me an email at and i would love to get that going for you! i am so excited about the 2 girls i get to start working with right away and can’t wait to see who the next 2 will be! wahooooo for actually DOING this instead of just THINKING about it!

talk soon!



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  1. Rachel Wilson says:

    It would be an absolute dream come true to work with you Meg!!!!

  2. Joyana Faialaga says:

    Hey Meg! Are you still doing this? I am really interested! I have not officially started my photography business yet, only have done some freelance work for friends and family! I would love to get some perspective from you and motivation to do this! If you are still doing this!! Please let me know! ­čÖé



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