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Impromptu Photoshoot and a Small World

it’s rare these days that i take all of my camera gear to the beach. every time i bring it along i think… “i need to take more personal photos with my good camera”, but for some reason i never do. i am absolutely obsessed with taking photographs with my iphone (as you can see on instagram here:))¬† but man i am going to try my hardest to bring my canon along more often, it’s always so worth it. yesterday we went out to one of my favorite spots on the PLANET, and so of course, thankfully, i took my gear with me for the first time this year:) (and as a side note i also got to drive my truck on the sand for the first time which was super exciting, and even more exciting that we didn’t get stuck, haha!)



as weird as it sounds, i swear i see the world in a constant “photographer-view”. i am constantly looking for the best light and where i would put someone if i was photographing them in any given situation. yesterday we were sitting at the beach and i saw this cute couple sitting fairly close to us taking iphone photos of eachother and a few selfies (actually i think it was with an android, hence why i offered to help ;)) i ran over and started talking to them and took a photo for them on their phone (everyone needs an epic instagram shot;)), and then found out they were actually from edmonton in canada, which is just a few hours from where i grew up! small world.. well just wait. it gets smaller.. WAY smaller…


the sun started setting a few hours later and i was dying to photograph someone, so i grabbed my camera and ran over again to ask if they would be willing to let me do a quick little shoot of them, and that i would then send them the photographs online. they were super cute and excited, so we ran over to the edge of the water and shot for about 10minutes. when we were walking back i realized we hadn’t even exchanged names yet, and as soon as i told them mine, Erin looked at me like… wait a minute.. meg courtney? i know you!


….turns out, i photographed her friends wedding a few years back in kelowna (kristy and darren!) and she had actually seen me there at the wedding working! WHAT?! i was trippin’ all night (and still am, ha!) about how small the world is… what are the chances that we would sit next to eachother on this gigantic beach in this beautiful secluded spot on this tiny little island in the middle of the pacific, and that they would be the random couple i decided to ask to photograph… what. on. earth. i guess that just goes to show you that we are right where we are supposed to be:)

so, meet erin and jesse! they just got married in july and are on their honeymoon right now here in kauai – so grateful our paths crossed and that i was able to give them these photographs from their trip.. this sunset was CRAZY beautiful! congrats again you two, so lovely “officially” meeting you guys!


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  1. Lindsay R Burchby says:

    Beautiful Meg!! You have such an incredible eye!

  2. Eryn Hey says:

    Loooooove these! You’re amazing Meg! Thanks again! So awesome to meet you!

  3. Crystal Budgell says:

    OMG! These are GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. Sarah Charbonneau says:


  5. Memory Tansem says:

    That’s the best honeymoon gift ever !!!!!

  6. Dawna Craib Nee Fullbrook says:

    Wow! Love the story and love the shots you took of my daughter and son in law.

  7. Lisa Doyle says:

    What a great story and fantastic pictures! All around beautiful!



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