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Kat & Ktown | Kauai Photographer

she was spinning almost out of control, her red dress catching pieces of the water with every wave. she laughed loudly and he never took his eyes off of her, smiling. she spun closer to him and then further away until he finally reached out for her hand. he kept twirling her and they laughed. she was dizzy. she lost her balance as a wave came up to her feet and fell perfectly into his arms. he was exactly where he needed to be, and so was she. these two are such a light. not married, not even engaged. just together having a blast. calm. happy. love.


kat is the sweetest and so full of life. her energy is contagious and as soon as i met her i knew we would be friends. kevin looks at her like there is no one else in the world and she crinkles her nose and laughs loudly and often. together they are perfect, and they remind me what real love looks like. this session was a dream, i stood back and watched as they playfully held eachother, and in the softer quieter moments there was a sense of calm and genuine happiness that was inspiring. it was such a fun and relaxed afternoon, we explored a little with no plan, drank a few beers, turned the music up as loud as we could and had great conversation. one of my favorite things about my job is having the ability to get to show my friends how the rest of the world sees them through photographs. these two are seriously the cutest ever and kat is such a beauty. you can just tell people gravitate towards her, and her and kevin are both the type of people who can brighten anyones day with just a hello:) so grateful i got to photograph them with this EPIC sunset, and even more grateful to get to call them friends (and neighbors! wahoo!)

“true love will triumph in the end, which may or may not be true, but if it’s a lie, it is the most beautiful lie we have”
~ john green



 **if you know kat and kevin or if you just loved these photographs, be sure to click the “like” button below or leave a them some love in the comment section! thank you all so much for being here, have a beautiful day! xo**


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  1. Deedee Yoklavich says:

    I want them all. How do I order them. Thank you for capturing their love.

  2. Jenaya Crosson says:

    These images are just beyond- this couple will be forever grateful. Keep up the great work! + u are so lucky to get to work from Hawaii!!

  3. Jackie Gannon says:


  4. Nancy Lynn says:

    Unreal. You are so ridiculously talented!!!

  5. Danae Moodley says:

    Oh. My. Gosh!!! These are some of your best photographs ever meg!!! You made me want to meet them :p

  6. Page Gendreau says:

    So many people say “anyone can point a camera and press a button”. Which is true. Anyone can take a photograph but, what you’ve done is so much more…it’s everything! I love every session you post. I’ve wanted to be a photographer since getting my first 8.2MP Kodak camera in 7th grade. There is something so fulfilling about capturing a moment people can hold on to forever. I’ve been trying to draw people in to do sessions so I can practice and was wondering, how do you get the couples so relaxed? And do you have any tips for someone just getting started?

  7. Kaihla Stupka says:

    HOLY SMOKES. so good.

  8. Helene Mink says:

    So beautiful!

  9. Nancy Schow says:

    Amazing photos! They could be in a magazine for sure! Kathryn went to school with my daughter Kimberly Kiesz. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Anya Littlefield says:

    Holy moly Kat these are sooooooo wonderful!

  11. Vanessa Tabarez says:

    This is a great reminder of what real love looks like. Thank you. These pictures are beautiful works of art! Katherine, you look gorgeous!

  12. Ashley Willan says:

    Wow Meg, these are so beautiful!!!!!!



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