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Meaghan & David | Illinois Wedding | International Wedding Photographer

edwardsville, illinois ~ i couldn’t believe it! someone actually wanted to fly me down to illinois to shoot their wedding! i was SO EXCITED!!! 🙂

meaghan is the sweetest girl with the sweetest family. right away i could tell from her emails what a great person she was and what an incredible group of people surrounded her as her family and friends. we emailed back and forth for almost 10 months, and before i knew it, it was time for me to board the plane headed off to st. louis!

i have to send a HUGE thank-you out to janine sept for coming along with me on this adventure! life is always captivating and vibrant whenever i am with her!  i have to be honest though, when we landed, we both had NO clue where we were on a map.. HAHA!! “i think we are close to florida!” “i thought the wedding was in illinois, why are we in missouri?”… hahaha, it’s true. geography is not my strong point, and apparently it isn’t janines either ~ 😉 ~ it is always so much fun going anywhere with janine, not to mention that she is a phenomenal photographer herself. to check out a fun video we made of our trip, click here!

janine and i were immediately welcomed into both meaghan and davids family as soon as we were introduced, and i am so thankful to have gotten the chance to meet this incredible group of people! on the night before the wedding, we snuck the happy couple out of their rehearsal dinner for a few quick shots ~ this one was my fav of the night!

the wedding was an absolute perfect day for meaghan and david, and one of my favorite things about it was that they did a first look! janine and i had spotted this awesome little farm on the side of the road with a pond and a little fishing dock, so we stopped and asked if it would be ok to use thier property for some photos ~ they were so kind and accommodating for us, it worked out amazing! it was my first “first-look” i had ever shot, and it was such an emotional moment when david turned around and saw his bride for the first time. there was no stress about what they were supposed to do or where they were supposed to stand or who was watching, it was just an intimate moment between the two of them, they talked and cried and giggled, meaghan did a little twirl to show off her dress, and it was just absolutely perfect. i was even crying! haha! after photographing this amazing part of their day, i decided that if i could have my own wedding all over again i would have absolutely done it this way too! it was SO so special!

congratulations meaghan and david! thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your amazing day, and for bringing janine and i all the way from canada to see another part of the world ~ it was such an experience and an amazing adventure! i soo enjoyed getting to know you and your families, and hope to see you all again one day! anyone can tell how much love there is in your life, and i wish you both nothing but all the happiness in the world! congratulations again my friends! <3 MC


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