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MCP in Action | Part 2: Behind the “Behind the Scenes” ~ The people who make it happen…

if you missed part 1 of this post “behind the scenes” be sure to check it out by clicking here!



i am so lucky to have so many people in my life be supportive, willing to help, and enthusiastic about my business. there is no way that i could be where i am today without every single one of these people, and i am so SO grateful for that. from second shooting, to mentoring, to mental support, to business coaching… these are the people who make it happen.


sc, thank you so much for alll that you do for me. you are always supportive, enthusiastic about new ideas and eager to help me in anyway you can in order for me to succeed. your confidence in me has given me something that i can’t explain, and i can’t thank you enough for that. THANK YOU!! <3 ~ PS: also a big thank you for you always carrying my ‘girly’ camera bag ~ you’re the man! 😉

J9, Moonfish, Jamime… hahah. you already know how much i appriciate everything you do for me. the mentoring, answering all my questions, the life advise, the fun times, the friendship, the movies (ha ha), and giving me experience by allowing me to second shoot for you…they are all things that i appreciate so much and cherish very deeply. (not to mention my own wedding photos!)… i am so happy that we crossed paths 2 years ago, and i can’t wait to grow both of our businesses and have eachother there for the journey! for all of you who don’t know how much janine has helped me in my business, click here to find out! also be sure to check out her website as she is one of my absolute favorite photographers in the world! how lucky am i to have such an amazing mentor!! so, thanks again Janine, your a rockstar! INSERT FIST PUMP EMOJI HERE! 😉

Tiff and Ash: I could dedicate a WHOLE 2 part blog post on just these 2 girls!! the amounts of time and effort they have both put in to help me second shoot, or sit and keep me company while i edit, or take road trips to both alberta and bc to  help me survive marathon days of shooting, to carry bags.. walk dogs.. preoccupy children.. run around and round-up props… carry umbrellas.. hold umbrellas.. carry coats, bags, purses, changes of clothes, strollers, change lenses…. (SC and steph also deserve a thank you for all of these random jobs as well… see photo):

ha ha… the list goes on and on.. and all of it is more than i could have ever asked for. their constant energy and support keeps me going through good days and bad, and their TALENT as photographers themselves has developed into something incredible. both of these girls have had the drive to learn and be creative with their second shooting, and i am SOOO lucky to have them at my side!! not only are they my 2 best friends, but i know i can count on them always, and i definitely would not be where i am today without both of them. i love these girls dearly, and consider myself very lucky to have 2 best friends that i am able to share my passion with! not to mention the amount of pure fun and hysterical laughing we have when we work together ~ we are always being goofy, making jokes and laughing while we work, and i just can’t explain how much i love having them there with me!  THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH FOR EVERYTHING!


steph!! my little steph.. who isnt little anymore. steph is my one and only sister. she is one of my best friends and she is always the first one i go to when i have a new idea or a crazy thought for life or for my business. steph is the rational, logical, and creative brain between the 2 of us, and she has been such a HUGE part in developing the brand and image for MCP (some new and exciting things coming soon!!). she has come a long ways with her shooting (ha ha), and once she learned how to “turn the camera on” it was all uphill from there 😉 ~ i love bringing steph along with me because she always makes it so fun and she is soo dedicated to being nothing but helpful! maybe that is a trait of a little sister… to let the big sister boss her around?? 😉 ;). steph also is the one who did all of the video for ashley’s wedding because i was the Maid of Honor ~ she did an INSANE job and i can’t wait to show you all the finished product in a couple weeks!! steph is a one of a kind girl, and i can’t wait to be there for her when she starts a venture of her own one day… watch out for this girl world, she is going to do big BIG things <3

my mom and dad!!! they have been nothing but supportive, interested and energetic through this whole thing. they make me feel like i have made them proud by stepping out on my own and pursuing my dream, and there is NO greater feeling in the world than that. they have been with me through every step of this amazing journey, encouraging and helping any way they can, and i will be forever grateful for that. as soon as i ever book an exciting shoot, have a great idea or think of an amazing opportunity, i can’t wait to call them and tell them about it. my husband and my family are without a doubt my biggest fans. they are the first to comment on a post, to ‘like’ a link, and to call me to tell me what a great job i am doing and how proud they are of me. they are some of the biggest reasons i am where i am, and i’m going where i am going. i am so excited to share the rest of my journey with them and to make them even more proud! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your support mom and dad, i love you both so much and i feel so lucky to have the relationship that i have with you both!!

…and to all the other people who have helped me second shoot, come up with a great idea, talked out an issue or have just shown support and enthusiasm towards my business, i appreciate you ALL so much, thank you, THANK YOU!!


ok i know that was a long post, but they were all things that i needed to say! i just can’t express how thankful i am for all of the encouragement and help that i have received through so many amazing people. i mean it when i say it,

~ these are the people who make it happen 😉 ~

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  1. janine sept says:

    this is awesome morning sun! Thanks for all the sweet words…and thanks for all the laughs! I TOO am thankful for all the joy and wonderful moments you have brought to my life! Here’s to many more! GREAT POST!



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