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MCP in Action | Part 1: Behind the Scenes

i love my job. it is as simple as that. people ask me all the time, do you still love taking pictures? is it still your passion? my answer is always the same, “absolutely!”. i love the challenge, the change, the people, the laughs, the uniqueness of every shoot, the editing, the whole deal. i love it! so you can imagine this 2 part post is very special to me, because it is not only documenting me doing what i love, but also me getting to work with people who i love. my second shooters, all of them, are my lifesavers ~ i could not do what i do without them…. but that is all coming tomorrow in Part 2 ;).

just a huge thanks to all the wonderful people i have had the pleasure working with for capturing these images for me. to everyone else, these photos may just look like a bunch of images of me with a camera. but to me, it represents my passion, my dream come true, and my success in the first year of business. i love my job, and here are some shots from “behind the scenes”.


thanks kara for catching this extremely awkward position that i so often find myself in.. HAHA!!

i saw this one night on my way home from a shoot in the city, i had to pull over and snap a pic! i love alberta sunsets <3

SC is an excellent second shooter, although he found himself quite preoccupied with these deer at this shoot…. 😉

it seems like ever since i moved to the okanagan, i can’t seem to do a shoot without somehow getting in the water…. seriously i don’t think i have done one yet and come home dry 😉

tomorrow my blog will be featuring these brilliant people in my life who i could not live without!! they make life so much fun, and working together is always an adventure! they are always so supportive and i can’t wait to express my appreciation for them in part 2!

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  1. Justine says:

    There are so many behind the scenes pics of you! I LOVE it! YOu are so so stinkin cute! haha Can’t wait to hopefully work together next year! 🙂



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