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Live to Learn | Okanagan Photography Class

this past weekend i had the absolute pleasure of hosting 2 evening photography classes at my house in Lake Country. with 2 incredible groups, we talked about understanding aperture, shutter speed and ISO, the basics of shooting in manual mode with a DSLR camera as well as some of my favorite photography tips and tricks. it really was so much fun, and a huge thanks to sc who took time out of his crazy school schedule while studying for finals to help me get ready for it all! he is a rockstar!! <3

i have always loved teaching and coaching for as long as i can remember. when i was 14 i started teaching piano and i taught for 8 years. i loved every second of it, and the only reason i don’t do it anymore is because when we moved from alberta we weren’t able to bring my piano with us. throughout junior high and highschool i also helped coach a variety of sports teams including my sisters volleyball team, and ringette teams throughout the years – it is something that i have ALWAYS had a passion for and i really felt that come back teaching these classes this weekend. there is something about helping people through things, and seeing the light-bulb come on when they get it. it gets me so excited for them, and i am just so happy that i was able to help! not to mention, i got to meet so many incredible people and connect with them ~ one of my favorite things about my camera is the amazing people that it brings into my life. i am SO incredibly thankful for everyone who came out to the class this weekend, and i am looking forward to the 3rd class that i will be teaching in alberta next month!

also, a huge thank you to the beautiful kaihla from kaihla tonai photography who helped so much with both classes, and she also took all of the below photos of the classes for me! kaihla is a photography student at NAIT in edmonton, alberta ~ and she flew out to kelowna for the week to spend some time with me to do her work experience term before graduating in may! even though we just met when she arrived on friday, it feels like we are old friends and we have already had so many laughs ~ i am super excited that she is here and can’t wait to see what we get up to this week together!! we will be instagramming and blogging throughout next 5 days, so be sure to check back and to follow us on instagram and facebook if you wanna follow along!!

kaihla’s instagram ~ @kaihlatonai
kaihla’s facebook (click here) and her blog (click here)
my instagram (which i am obsessed with, 😉 haha) ~ @megcourtney1

here is a quick shot i grabbed of miss kaihla when we were out and about yesterday, there will definitely be more to come! isn’t she stunning!??

and here are some of the shots that she grabbed for me of the live to learn classes!! (apparently i talk with my hands… a lot… 😉 haha! ) ~ enjoy!!



hope you all had an amazing weekend, happy monday!!






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  1. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    So excited that your class went so well! And how cute do you look in that outfit!

  2. Joelynn Biever says:

    I totally wish I got to learn from you. That would be the coolest dream ever! <3

  3. Chloe Amber says:

    How do we sign up for a class of yours? I would be honoured to be apart of it!



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