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Jennie & Ian | Alberta Wedding Photographer

the horse drawn carriage arrived and it was like something out of a cinderella fairytale. he held out his hand to assist her up, she laughed and right then the sun started peaking out behind the clouds, lighting up the thin layer of tulle in her dress and the glitter from her shoes that were fit for a real life princess. a perfect moment. it was a 50 minute ride to the reception and they didn’t have a care in the world, just spending time with eachother and enjoying the once in a life-time “cinderella” experience. we found an open field on the way and had them pull over to take some photos ~ jennie was just glowing with happiness and so was ian. they were calm, stress free, and so in-love as she kept looking up at ian with the cutest eyes. their ceremony was meaningful and intimate, in the back yard of the house they live in together. i loved watching them interact with eachother throughout the day, jennie always laughing her contagious laugh, making everyone around her smile without even knowing it. i always say that you can tell a lot about people from the speeches that are given at the reception. the speeches at this wedding were so heartfelt, and everyone was so proud of the people jennie & ian have become over the years they have been together. their pure heart for their small town community, their friends, and their family. it was incredible to watch the love and support from everyone around them, and anyone could easily see that the love they share is a love that will last a lifetime.

jennie & ian, thank you for an incredible day. we loved being a part of your fairytale, and congratulations again friends!!


meg & scott.


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  1. Alicia Quintanar says:

    Gorgeous! I love the bride and groom’s portraits and the group shots in front of the barn! Lovely!

  2. Joelynn Biever says:

    You can feel the love, closeness and family aura in the photos. You did a good job capturing that feeling. ­čÖé



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