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Our new house!! Progress Post #1

if you didn’t hear the big news, we are moving!! and building a home in cochrane’s beautiful riviera, to hear more – check out the announcement blog post here 🙂

ahhh this whole process of building a house can be overwhelming at times, but words can’t describe how EXCITED we are to get it going!! we just got a text from our wonderful sales manager katherine yesterday evening that the basement is dug!! and let the building begin!!! 😉 i can’t believe it’s actually happening!! (the only thing i am not loving about this photo is LOOK AT ALL OF THAT SNOW!! oh my goodness, a part of me wants to forget about the winter wonderland that is 6 months of the year, on a good year, that we are moving back to ~ but on the other hand, at least it is always sunny!)

(the photo on the left was taken the last time we were there in october, and the photo on the right is taken by our wonderful sales manager Katherine at Jayman Masterbuild! Thankful that she is able to take photos and keep us so updated on what is happening!!)


in the mean time, i have been spending any spare moment cruising pinterest for decorating ideas… im not sure what i am more excited about, the new house, or having blank walls to hang new photos on and a new space to fill. both are equally exciting i think! here are some things i am loving so far! im sure it will change 100 times before its time to actually start decorating, but it’s still fun to look and get an idea! do any of you have any favorite home decor sites? i would love to check them out!!

happy tuesday!

i’m super excited about this light we bought for over our kitchen table! ….glitter!! 😉

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  1. Stephanie Wise says:

    Exciting! All your ideas are so pretty!!

  2. Susan Vankempen says:

    I like your ideas too specially the lighting beautiful

  3. Jim Courtney says:

    Looks great

  4. Greg Skotheim says:

    Cochrane is close to Didsbury.

  5. Ivona Kaczmarek-Dixon says:

    Congrats! is really cool. They have an app for the ipad, too.



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