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Happy 25th Anniversary Mom&Dad! | Okanagan Photographer

i know i was supposed to blog about THE FIX with Jasmine Star today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow because today is my mom and dads 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! so, granted, i decided that was much more important for today’s post.

…25 years. wow. that is such a long time, but in reality i bet it goes by pretty fast. when sc and i got married a year and a half ago, the one congratulations that really sticks out in my mind is  “i hope your next 50 years are as happy and in love as our last 50 years”. this was from my grandma, my moms mom, who we are here with in New Mexico right now. i always think, what an amazing thing to able to say to a newly married couple, and i have absolutely no doubts that it stands the same for my mom and dads last 25 years too.

to say i idol them and their relationship would be a major understatement. i feel so lucky to have them as role models in my life, and i soo strive to be like them in my own marriage. they are the best of friends, companions, trouble makers, and through their many adventures together they are so in love. i always marvel at the amount of laughter that is in their relationship, whether they are joking around with each other, reminiscing, dreaming or just having an every-day conversation, they are always laughing. it is one of my goals to laugh as much as them in my lifetime, and i think sc and i are off to a pretty good start.

thank you mom and dad for all you have taught us, for all you have gave to us, and for all the laughter and happiness you have and will continue to share with us. i am so excited for you to start your next 25 years together as i know there will be many adventures, new experiences, love, happiness and laughter always. as long as dad doesn’t try to give directions to get to wherever you are going, and mom forever gets to shop at costco – i know you guys will live “happily ever after” … 😉

i love you guys more than you know ~ so happy 25th wedding anniversary!!!

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  1. Kathy Hilton says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your parents! I agree laughter & having fun together is very important in a marriage(we sometimes forget that). May you all enjoy many more years together, as couples & family.
    ps, always love your pictures, keep up the great work



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