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Connection & Asking the Hard Questions

yesterday i woke up, opened my emails in the morning like i always do, and was SO excited to see that some of our best friends, KJ & Rob {KJ& ROB PHOTOGRAPHERS} had sent us some photos I COMPLETELY forgot we even took last spring when we were in denver for a few days. we were actually out shooting some fun promo stuff for their new website, and KJ grabbed the camera (well, it was actually her camera) and snapped a few of scott and i just goofing around, and then my favorite, the self timer of the 4 of us followed by im not sure what type of dance moves that kj was obviously trying to teach me…. ūüėČ

as i was flipping through the images, i noticed the gigantic smile on my face and realized what a HUGE blessing it is to have these two in our lives, and what a huge influence they have had on us without even knowing it. just by them leading through example, they push us everyday to answer the questions no one else is asking and to be better friends with eachother and with others in our life. they encourage and demonstrate what it means to live out a fun and joyous marriage every day, and they are the type of people that after spending time with them, whether its on skype, just reading their blog and facebook posts or in real life, you feel inspired to live life deeper, to laugh more, to smile, and to¬†connect. in our life, kj & rob are always the ones to ask “how is your marriage? what are struggling with? what are you goals for the year? what can we do to help”. they remind me that life can be so easy on the surface, and it is so easy to fall into a habit of having surface relationships whether it is in marriage, family or friendships. and because of these sweet friends, this is something i am working on in my other friendships, with my family, and it is something scott and i are both working on with eachother every day. before these two came into our lives, i couldn’t remember the last time i asked someone what they are struggling with. how they really were doing. how are the relationships in their life, what are they working on, how are they growing, how can i help? i never used to ask these types of questions before because i thought it was uncomfortable… and surface? surface, is comfortable. and i have kj & rob to thank for a huge part of me being pushed beyond what is easy, and to really and truly understand what it means to connect with someone.

scott and i look up to these two big time, and we are just so thankful that they came into our lives when they did, and for their constant support and encouragement in all aspects of our life. i truly believe that their brides & grooms are so lucky to have kj & rob as role models when they are starting out the first chapter of their marriage, and i wish them so much luck and love for their business. (if you haven’t checked them out on facebook yet, definitely head here to do so!).

we have been blessed over the last couple years since meeting these two to have many friends, old and new, that we now connect with on a much deeper level then we would have before and our lives are so much richer because of it. SO, i just wanted to post this blog because truly, it’s me thinking out-loud, and i wanted to say thank you. and secondly, to challenge you all to dig a little deeper, step into the uncomfortable with your relationships and connect on a deeper level then surface with the people in your life. its so rewarding when you do, and the friendships that are made and grow because of it will no doubt change your life, and more importantly, it will change theirs too. <3

happy thursday!



Photos by KJ & Rob Photographers, Denver CO ~

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  1. Scott Courtney says:

    Love these 2 people!

  2. Susan Vankempen says:

    you all as I see it fun to be with very careing and always there for each other have a good night

  3. Jackie Gannon says:

    I don’t like this, I LOVE this. And you. And Scott. And definitely love KJ & Rob. Y’all are amazing

  4. Brianne Lutz says:

    GREAT post Meg!! Love the fun shots of you and Scott, so genuine!



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