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Nicole & Michael | Osoyoos Vineyard Wedding

the sun was setting fast, basking everything around us with it’s silky orange light. we took a few shots in the vinyard, and then nicole and michael wanted to enjoy their first married sunset with a champagne toast. they stood at the far side of the gazeebo that was in the middle of the burrowing owl winery, surrounded vineyard and just talked. it was in these moments that scott and i witnessed the true magic of their relationship. there they were, taking every second in with each other. they talked slowly and softly, about the day, the ceremony, the view. scott and i stood back and watched, while taking photos candidly so they could forever remember that moment. it was quiet, peaceful. you could almost hear the sun setting over the mountain as it’s warmth got cooler and cooler. the colors of the vineyard changed by the second as the light shifted. everything was calm and just how it should be, nicole laughing, michael brushing the hair off of her face and frequently interrupting their conversations with a kiss as he just couldn’t wait another second. i was so moved how they stood there and really and truly lived in the moment, enjoyed it together with zero stress or thought of anything else besides the fact that they were watching their first married sunset, enjoying a glass of champagne overlooking a beautiful vineyard, and starting their forever together as eachother’s best friends.

Venue: Burrowing Owl Estate Winery | Oliver BC, Canada

the whole day was calm and perfect. and the incredible fall colors reflecting off of the vineyard was pure magic. thank you so much nicole and michael for trusting us to capture these memories for you, and for allowing us to share in a piece of your fairytale. you and your friends and family are all so sweet and kind ~ scott and i really wish you all the happiness and laughter in the world, thank you again and congratulations my friends!!


meg + scott

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    Awesome pictures

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    So beautiful!

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    What wonderful pictures

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    Beautiful!!! Congratulations to you!!!

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    Wow! So beautiful. Congratulations to you both!

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    So pretty! Love how magical the light is! Just a golden glow ­čÖé



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