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And the adventure begins | Europe Post #1

well, i am sitting in a hotel room in osoyoos getting ready to shoot what is going to be an amazing destination wedding today (HAPPY WEDDING DAY SUSANNE AND MAX!!!), where we will drive home after the wedding  tonight and get on a plane to europe bright and early tomorrow morning for a 4 week adventure… HOW EXCITED AM I!!! well the truth is, i am super excited, but i am also crazy nervous!

this is a new kind of travel for me. i am so used to going on hot tropical vacations, that it occurred to me over the last week that i am actually kind of scared because this is the first time i am going somewhere were i have NO IDEA what to expect. thanks to the hit movie “Taken” (which i highly recommend NOT to watch if you a girl and are ever planning on leaving your house.. hahah) i have this strange fear that A) i am going to be kidnapped and B) everyone in europe will want to mug me and steal my camera gear… (HA! i have no idea why scott calls me over-dramatic… ;)) – and according to the crash-history course that steph and scott have been feeding me all week, paired with the joke my father-in-law has bugged me about since the first day we met when he asked me “if i could go anywhere in the mediterranean where would i go” and i excitedly answered,.. “chile”, and the common highschool joke that even got a mention at my grade 12 graduation where i asked “what language they speak in germany”, it became apparent that I NEED THIS TRIP to learn about the world. i like to think of myself as well traveled, but the truth is, i really should consider myself a 2nd nature hawaiian, since i have been there 11 times and not to too many other places in the world, especially somewhere like germany, italy or france. SO, there you have it. the truth. i am actually scared as hell as well as insanely excited to take this step outside of my comfort zone and experience not only new cultures, but a new way of travel. and i am forever grateful that scott will be with me every step of the way so i don’t get kidnapped… HAHA!! just kidding. i’m sure i’ll be fine… right? 😉

throughout our 4 weeks in europe i will be checking in with a series of iphone video updates, instagrams (you can follow me here @megcourtney1) and the occasional blog post… i also can’t wait to share marjolane & bruno’s french wedding photos in a few weeks after their july 6th wedding in grenoble, france (eeek!) ~ and all of the adventures that we will encounter before and after then!! so wish us luck, and à bientôt! 😉


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  1. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    Have so much fun! and get some french fries…. you will never want to eat one of our canadian lamo ones again 😛

  2. Sandy Courtney says:

    Bon Voyage!



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