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Take it all in | Okanagan Photographer

lately i have been thinking a lot about how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. being on the road all the time is fun, but everytime we get to spend a few days at our house in lake country i am so overwhelmed with how breathtaking it is here.

the other night while we were eating dinner out on our deck with my sister steph, we noticed how calm the water was down at the lake – so we jumped up, hooked up our ski boat and were having our first ski of the year within 20 minutes! and bonus, the water wasn’t even nearly as cold as i thought it would be! my sister and i were both literally SHAKING with adrenalin we were so excited, and it was like someone had glued pure joy and happiness on our faces, even 3 days later sore muscles and all haha!! scott, steph and i all love skiing so much, and it is SUCH a blessing that we are able to spontaneously jump up and be on the water skiing in the same amount of time it would take me to drive to the grocery store, haha.  after that evening, i told scott and steph that if we don’t get to live here forever, the one thing i want to remember is that i didn’t take it for granted. that i took it all in.

every time i drive from vernon to my house in lake country it takes my breath away looking at the peninsula of oyama. every morning when i get up i walk out on the deck and soak in the view of the valley lit by morning sunlight. walking tuck in the hills behind our house with the abundance of wildflowers fills my camera roll on my iphone almost every time. when the water is calm and we are free, we jump up to go skiing. i want to keep living this way, wherever we are. it’s so easy to get caught up with life and forget to truly experience things and appreciate where we are. we have been discussing if we are going to move back to calgary in the next couple years after scott is done his school, since a lot of our work is there. if we do, i want to remember how i consciously appreciate this place every single day we are here, and that we experienced it to the fullest. so today i challenge you to ask yourself  ~ no matter where you are there is something amazing and beautiful there ~ are you taking it all in?


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