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WPPI 2019 | Las Vegas

Living in a place like Hawaii it’s so easy to get lost in the beautiful backgrounds and amazing color, placing people in the mist of a vast landscape in a perfect sunset, always looking for that epic shot. Shooting in the grungy streets and neon lights of Vegas was a much-needed reminder that whatever the surroundings, often the real magic of a photograph lies with how you see and capture the people. I’m still learning every day what the balance of those two things look and feel like, but spending a week with other photographers was so inspiring and a good reminder to keep growing and to step outside what is comfortable.

We all took photographs of each other in places we would never normally shoot, and we really focused on capturing each other how we see one another, and I’ve never been so proud of a set of portraits.

Peter Bradyhouse

Peter is solid and soft, always striving to be the best he can be, constantly trying to improve at any given focus with the most gentle and caring heart. He is always looking out for the ones he loves before himself, never needing credit, or the spotlight. He is a constant and unwavering source of strength in my life.


Jackie M

Jackie is beautiful and piercing, a curious reflective soul mixed with a little wild. She has a hidden sensitivity that only makes her stronger and she is capable of things beyond even her own comprehension.


Micah Camara

Micah is an artist, often standing back and observing from the shadows before stepping into the light, and when he is seen he is an explosion of undeniable and vibrant joy.


We all see people in vast dimensions and different forms, and to me these photographs are much more than a beautiful background or pretty light, they are a window into the amazing qualities and hearts of friendships that I cherish in my life. These are photographs of all of us as we are, and I’m going to try to do more of that.


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