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Alyssa and Mike | Kauai Adventure Elopement

Oh my goshhh this day was full of so much epicness. The rain was threatening us all day, looming over us in dark clouds and wind gusts but somehow no matter where we went it held off for just the perfect amount of time. We got out to one of my favorite spots on the island for their ceremony and although it was beautiful, the light was dark as the sun was setting behind the clouds. The wind died just enough for their ceremony to be peaceful, slow and calm, and when they were finished we walked down to the beach. The ocean was glowing bright blue under the dark ominous light, almost so much that no matter what I did my frame was filled with blue hues in everything. and then just like that, like it came out of nowhere, one minute I couldn’t figure out why my camera was reflecting so much blue and the next, it was like the sky was on fire right in front of us. Peter said it was like fire and ice, parts of the sky and ocean glowing blue and others exploding with reds and purple. mike spun her around as she played with her dress, her pink skirt matching the clouds as she twirled into him. Alyssa had prayed to her mom the entire night before to look out for them and to show them some magic on their wedding day, I’d say she was listening for sure.

After what was one of the most magical sunsets we’ve seen all year, we were all on cloud 9 once the color finally faded into the night sky. to celebrate, we all went out for a few beers afterwards before their dinner and raved about how incredible the sky was and what an awesome day we had. after a few toasts, some cheersing and hilarious conversation we called it a night and we were filled with so much happiness. I love when it feels like hanging with old friends at the end of a wedding day – congrats to these two and enjoy!

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