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Kaitie and Rob | Kaua’i Adventure Elopement

“And since I won’t make a promise I can’t keep, here are some things I can and can’t promise. I can’t promise that I won’t ever make you cry, like I am right now,¬† but I do promise to always be by your side and take the pain away as soon as possible. I can’t buy you everything in the world, but I do promise to provide for you everything you need physically, spiritually and emotionally. I can’t promise that we’ll always see eye to eye on everything but I do promise that I will respect your opinion. I can’t promise you your health, but I do promise that I will always pray for it, help you achieve it, and be there taking care of you if you ever need it“.

The raindrops rolled down her cheek along with the tears, and she didn’t blink as not to miss a single moment of his words. The ocean was calm behind them reflecting the warm light pouring out from beneath the clouds, and as soon as they were finished exchanging the most beautiful vows, the rain stopped, the sun appeared, and we watched as they playfully danced in the shoreline of the ocean to their favorite R&B playlist drenched in orange and pink light from the most perfect day.

These two are why we do what we do. Completely unbothered by the storm that seemed to follow us all day, no concern for raindrops in her hair, mud on her dress, the locations we went to. Their full attention was on their promises to one another and letting the day unfold naturally with whatever the island blessed us with. When you have that kind of attitude, you find rainbows, epic sunsets, empty beaches, blessings of soft gentle rain and everything is magic. Kaitie and Rob, it was such an honor to be your photographers and new friends, thanks for including us in your champagne toasts and sharing your car-bar;), you guys are the bomb and I can’t wait to watch what kind of adventures life brings you, congratulations again!

Be sure to scroll to the end to see their amazing highlight film!

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