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Wednesday Q&A | Why I love PASS!!

i am so sorry this post is a little later than normal, due to all the excitement and crazy-ness with the website launch, i am a little behind with emails and blogging! better late than never though, right!? thank you all so much again for the incredible support i received for my new website! if you havent seen it yet, check it out here! πŸ˜‰

i have had so many awesome questions come in, but this week i am just going to focus on 1 thing… PASS!!

ok first, let’s get you all familiar on what PASS is, watch this short video below!

see!! PASS is amazing.. and who wouldn’ t want to use a custom app that protects your photos from ninjas!! πŸ˜‰

i started delivering photos via pass last spring, and the response from my clients has been amazing! they no longer have to wait for me to go the post office (procrastinators unite!!… tomorrow! πŸ˜‰ hah!) and they no longer have to worry about the images of the most important day of their life stored on a DVD which can so easily be misplaced, scratched or broken. it is the new era ladies and gentlemen, an era of instant gratification in a digital world.

as a photographer, pass has helped me not only serve my clients better, but it has also transformed my workflow! below is a “PASS story” that was posted on the pass site a couple days ago, talking about how much pass has help make my life easier and less stressful!

so there you have it, let’s do a quick recap:

my clients love pass because…
-it is SIMPLE!
-it is instant, they do not have to wait for me to get to the post office, and then for snail mail to bring them their photos!
-it is convenient and has incredibly fast download times
-makes sharing on social media fast and easy
-it is secure, and their photos are safe and accessible from anywhere in the world, on any computer or mobile device
-with the all new pass, clients will be able to purchase reasonably priced professional prints straight through pass, and have them delivered right to their door!
-their wedding guests are able to go on to the site to view or download their favorite images from the wedding, whether it be their favorite images of the happy couple, or images i snapped of them and their family at the wedding ceremony or reception!
-their wedding images get more exposure, and it is easier for publications, venues and magazines to find the photographs and use them publicly… making my couples famous!! haha!! πŸ˜‰
(**any past clients who are reading this, if you have used pass with me i would love to see your comments below on why YOU love PASS!)

i love pass because
-it makes my life less stressful. i hate nothing more than sitting at my computer for hours trying to figure out why my DVD burner won’t work
-it takes me way less time! i no longer have to buy the DVD’s and the packaging, i don’t have to wait for it to burn, package it up, and i don’t have to go to the post office!
-it motivates me to GET THOSE PHOTOS DONE!! i can now have wedding photos back to my clients in an app where they can instantly down the images, within the SAME WEEK of their wedding!
-it allows me to book more weddings because my workflow is simplified
-my clients vendors LOVE it! they can download the photos hassle free, and use them for their marketing purposes (which in turn, helps me book more weddings) because of PASS, i have had 3 of my favorite venues use my photos for their yearly brochures for their brides.. how COOL is that!!
-the PASS/SHOWIT community is amazing! if i ever have questions or issues with PASS, there is always someone there ready to help me out! they offer the most incredible client service!
-and one of the main reasons i can’t get enough of PASS.. the power of this tool is UNBEATABLE!! below is a screen shot of my “world takeover”, and you can see that over 200,000 of my photos have been viewed literally ALL OVER THE WORLD, by over 1500 unique people! let’s see a wedding DVD do THAT!! πŸ˜‰

so, overall, pass is amazing. it has revolutionized my business, and i can honestly say i would not be where i am today without this incredible tool. if you are a photographer and you are not already using pass… i highly recommend it! The way that it simplifies your life as a photographer is unbelievable, and the benefits your clients will get out of it is unlike anything else in the industry! pass is the new era. the new way for our clients to share, view and download photos, and i am so honored to be on board with it!! here is a little sneak peak of what the all NEW PASS will look like when it is released to the public in a couple of months! it is such an awesome layout, and i can’t wait for all my couples to enjoy the convenience of this software this year!!

here is the link to the all new pass, check it out to view one of my favorite weddings from last year, not only because it was on my 23rd birthday but also because brittany and tanner were so amazing with how they embraced the rainy day for their outdoor wedding.. it was just amazing!!

if you have any specific questions regarding pass, please post them in the comments below, or send me a private message! i would love to help you out!! thanks again for all the fantastic questions, keep them coming and i will see you all back here next wednesday for another Q&A!!

happy shooting and sharing friends!!


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  1. amy says:

    I wish I would have been a PASS bride, one of the files from my photographer was corrupt and I lost all of my photos on my computer!! Thankfully the people at Apple (with many appointments/long phone call conversations) was able to get most of them back, but this sounds amazing!!

  2. Joelynn Biever says:

    I love the ALL NEW PASS, it is such a cool way they designed it! I saw it the other day on another photographer who uses pass and thought it was so cool! So convenient for you also + your clients! Crazy how many people have viewed your photos as well, amazing!

  3. Nicole L Gibson says:

    PASS definitely seems pretty awesome. I do have one question regarding backing up your photos! You probably have an external hard drive or something as one back-up method and then so is PASS your second method of backing up?

  4. Abby Grace says:

    I just started using PASS this past fall and I LOVE IT. I don’t know which I adore more- PASS or +Sites, but each is making a difference in how excited my clients get over their images! You’ve just encouraged me to try to do my next wedding even more quickly to see what a difference it’ll make πŸ™‚

  5. Oh my goodness Amy that sounds terrible! I am so happy that you were able to recover them, and yes that is just one more benefit of PASS, it is just awesome!! πŸ™‚



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