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The Helfricks | MCP Lifestyle Photography

i have known the helfrick family for as long as i can remember. literally. we are and have been “cabin-neighbors” forever, and us kids all grew up together in the summers. through our sun-filled days of water-skiing, adventuring, water-sporting, suntanning, inventing new games, fighting (ha ha), playing, working… anndd, well mostly just more playing (ok, maybe not you, Mike 😉 ha ha, seriously.), we have made a unique bond with each other that closer resembles siblings rather than just friends.  we all have so many great memories of our “younger years” (HAHA! listen to me, as if we all still dont act like we are 16, ha ha) – and we have had enough laughs to last a lifetime. fred and kathy are the kind of people you know will always be there for you, who are always caring and thoughtful. i feel incredibly grateful to have the helfricks in my life, all of them, because they are such genuinely good people.

we had some serious fun with this session. i mean hysterical laughing fits, snowball fights, taking radical shots while rolling around in the snow in my jeans, ( ha ha ) eggnog lattes, leather tights, dislocated hips, (did i say lots, and LOTS of laughing?)…all with great friends and family. not to mention the EPIC mini-10-minute session we did right after with lisa and mike (“boyfriend-mike”, not “brother-mike”…yes it is confusing ha ha..) ~they are so fantastic to photograph and are always so real in the moment with eachother. we love “boyfriend mike” too, he fits so well into our tight-knit-cabin-circle and we love having him around to help scott learn how to lift weights! (haha! i joke…) ~

i truely enjoyed my afternoon with this beautiful family, and just a quick shout out to miss tiffany callaghan for helping me out on this day and catching some unreal moments!! thank you, all of you!

enjoy 🙂

g’night all!

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  1. Graham Helfrick says:

    Meg, thanks again for this session. I enjoyed looking through the photos again and reading your terrific write up. Can’t wait to see you-all this summer.



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