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The Elders | Destination Lifestyle Photographer

this family is our role model family. they have always been people who i have looked up to for as long as i can remember, and are now people that my husband looks up to. they are kind, fun, easy going and live a life full of love and laughter with their friends and family. these are people i want to be like when i “grow up”… whenever that day comes ;). i soo appreciate having the elders in our life, as they play such a supportive role in whatever we do and wherever we go on our journey ~ these are people who we just know will always be there.

we had the pleasure of being on maui at the same time as the elders, and i was so excited when they asked me to do some photos of them! their “little” girl who isn’t “little” anymore was the jr. bridesmaid at our wedding, and tyler will always be that cute little 5 year old in my mind… i have to remind myself every day that they actually are growing up… ha ha… – it was fun, as always guys! thanks so much for everything you do for us ~ much love to you all!


the kids even got to bring along a friend on their vacation ~ how fun is that!??!

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  1. Erin Elder says:

    Well… sniff, sniff… Thank you so much for the very beautiful words Meg. We feel equally as fortunate to have your family in our lives. Over the years as Keith and I have watched you and Steph grow into the beautiful women that you are we have hoped that Ry and Ty would take note and learn from your motivation, determination and easy going personality!
    We are very excited for the success you are having with your photography. We love your shots, your blog, your website – everything is so YOU! We LOVE our Maui shots – Secret Beach is the perfect place for a family shoot. And you got Ty to smile! I can’t get him to smile for the camera – ever!
    We are also so happy that you and Scott found each other. We have had so many good times with you guys. Cheers to many more!!



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