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Tara & Ryan | Calgary Fairmont Palliser Wedding

“in those moments that are a challenge, when you feel as if you could snap or lash out at one another, it is then where i dare you to show kindness to one-another”. words from tara and ryans ceremony that stopped me in my tracks. what an amazing focus. something so simple as showing kindness to each other, every single day no matter what. it sounds so easy, although anyone who has been married for any length of time knows there are hard days, there are days when you need these types of reminders, days where kindness can be what makes all the difference in the world. after spending time with tara and ryan over the last year scott and i both know that this challenge will be one that comes naturally to them. if i had to use one word to describe both of them, it would be kind. he opens the door for her. he is a lady’s first, say please and thank-you type of gentleman. she is soft and sweet, yet bubbly and confident. a go-with-the-flow yet incredibly organized all in one beautiful package. they both smile. a lot. they are surrounded by an amazing group of people who share so much love for them both, and they are kind.

after having their original venue, the calgary zoo, cancel all events due to the devastation of the calgary flood this summer ~ tara and ryan were left hanging without a location to get married only a few weeks away from their date. after calling a number of places in the city, they decided to go out on a whim and contact the fairmont palliser, knowing it would probably be outside of their budget, but it never hurts to ask. i was blown away when they were telling us the story of how absolutely AMAZING the palliser was. they offered to match the zoo’s prices to accommodate tara and ryan and their guests, took them under their wing and absolutely swept them away with their incredible service and compassion for their situation. it seriously could not have turned out any more amazing as this is by far one of my favorite venues in alberta to shoot at, and everything was flawless.

the best part of the night, was at the end of tara and ryan’s speech they actually busted out in the BEST rap i have ever heard (imagine the fresh prince of bel air) starting with “we would like to take a moment so sit right there, so we can tell you a story about how we became a couple of the pall-a-s’air ;)”¬† and the best line ~ “…one little flood and my bride got scared! she said we are moving to the fairmont gonna get married at the pall-a-s’air ;)” – I seriously could not stop laughing, and can’t wait until one of the guests who took a video of it gets that up on youtube!!

okay so words longest blog post, ūüėČ but i just had so much to say about these awesome people! thank you SO MUCH for such an incredible day tara and ryan! scott and i had a blast with you two and with all of your family and friends ~ CONGRATULATIONS and we know you two are going to have an amazing life together!! xoxox

meg & scott

Ceremony venue: Alberta Room, Fairmont Palliser
Reception Venue: Grand Ballroom, Fairmont Palliser
Makeup & Hair Artist: Bailey Hautzinger
Bride Shoes: Michael Kors



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  1. Danielle Cook says:

    Stunning! Amazing pictures for amazing people! Congrats tara and ryan!



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