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Refuse to be Ordinary | Okanagan Photographer

i have been thinking about this phrase a lot over the past couple months. “refuse to be ordinary”. i have thought and thought about how i can make this a reality in my life and in my business. how can i refuse to be ordinary? it is so easy to fall into doing something because everyone does it, or doing things how everyone does them. as a photographer, i want to separate myself from the hundreds and thousands of other amazing talents in the area and in the world, and to do that, i have decided that i need to refuse to be ordinary.

a month ago i posted a blog post on setting goals, and finding a window of inspiration. today i am going to share those goals with you, even though maybe some business owners keep their business plan, and hopes and dreams to themselves, i am “refusing to be ordinary” and i would love for you to hear mine ;). at first when i wrote this post, all of my goals started with “i want to…”, after looking at it, i decided that i need to stop worrying about what i want to do, and start pouring my energy into believing that this is what i will do. there has come a time where we all stop wanting to do things, and actually start doing them ~ and this is my time. and i can’t wait for all that it will bring.

if you haven’t read the “setting goals” post, i really encourage you to take a look at it first by clicking here ~┬á i talk a lot about a book called Double Double, and in that book it said to get it out there! if you have dreams, make them goals and make them public, tell someone! because a) they are more likely to happen if people know what they are, and b) you are held accountable to achieve them… so *deep breath*, here it is!

by October of 2013…

I will shoot 16 weddings between the months of March and October (2 per month) in the Okanagan area
I will shoot 2 destination weddings between October and April.
I will shoot 4 lifestyle sessions per month March-October
I will shoot a wedding in Europe!!
I will return client inquiries within 24 hours or less
I will be known for exceptional customer service and quality work
I will have a separate office space. One that inspires me and reflects my brand.
I will become friends with my clients
I will turn around lifestyle sessions within 2 weeks
I will continue turning around weddings within 6 weeks
I will attend multiple workshops to better my skills and knowledge in the industry
I will use off camera flash at wedding receptions
I will not work past 7pm, or on sundays
I will have an office dedicated to MCP
I will have 3-4 consistent second shooters
I will run a workshop on building a business and a brand, with the basics of photography
I will own a 100mm L series macro lens, as well as the 50mm L and 35mm L
I will have a strong web presence
I will be known as an international photographer
I will find inspiration in the challenges
I will set short term and long term goals continually. Short term being 6 months, long term being 3 years
I will double the size of my company through word of mouth referrals
I will have scott be more involved in the financial end of my company as well as in post processing processes (whew, say that 3 times fast..)
I will reach 2000 facebook fans by the end of my 2012 wedding season, and 3000 by the end of my 2013 wedding season
I will be published in 3 wedding magazines, and one destination wedding magazine
I will win a brides choice award on ‘wedding wire’
I will blog 4 times a week
I will put myself out there, and continue to make more amazing friends in the photography industry
I will continue to love what i do, and the people i work with
I will inspire people to follow their dreams


“every great dream begins with a dreamer. always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world” ~ Harriet Tubman

…and after all, you never achieve your dreams if they don’t become goals. and by doing that, you are refusing to be ordinary.



**if you liked this post and want to follow my progress on my goals, or if you want to help me achieve them, be sure to become a fan on my facebook page by clicking here, and like this link at the bottom of this post or share it with your friends! thanks for all your support, and have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. It’s actually a great and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julia says:

    HEY! I’m not shaking my head! You srtated this blog and have maintained it pretty consistently! That’s a start toward dveloping a habit of writing. You still have 6 more months to get the novel written! (And if you need help with this, let me know. I have TONS of tips/tricks.)

  3. Joel Keddie says:

    Blogged my own goals today and took a page out of your book Meg. I turned all my goals into I WILL statements ­čÖé



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