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A one-way ticket to California…

i believe that everyone should feel the thrill of buying a one way ticket when they travel, at least once (if not everytime 😉 )

2 weeks ago scott and i headed to santa barbara, california to see some great friends and to brainstorm about passion and community with some fellow photographers. i love traveling without a plan, so aside from the first 3 nights we were there we had no idea where we were going to stay, what we were going to do, or how long we were going to be there. naturally i booked myself a one-way ticket so i could be open to any spontaneous plans that would require a few extra days in the sun, and then booked scott a ticket home for the last possible flight before he had commitments at school… i know that would make some people crazy, but i live for the unplanned… for me? that was the only way to do california. 😉

the next few days consisted of iphone sunset wars, great friends, mentorships, random dance parties, the hunger games and lot’s of laughs. here are a couple of my favorite iphone photos ~ santa barbara really does get the most amazing sunsets….

a few days later, josh, katie and i woke up and started on a roadtrip with next to no plan…. shocking, right? 😉 we started driving up to san fransisco on the PCH1, stopping every 5 minutes for photos 😉 ~  we camped in big sur after chasing off raccoons from our tent and listening to the seals bark all night, and the next night we found an amazing deal to stay at the ritz carlton downtown san fransisco – so we had quite the upgrade!! the weather was beautiful and we even biked across the golden gate bridge, what a beautiful way to see the city!! here is a video with some of our highlights that i put together and below are some of my favorite shots!!


(iphone, again)so grateful for these two and they way they love to love life!! can’t wait for our annual roadtrip next year when scotty is done school and can join us!!

and so, the moral of the story is that one-way tickets are awesome. and even though i truly believe i was born to be a california girl….a small town canadian girl is really what’s up. and i’m pretty stoked to be back home in the snow  😉

happy monday!


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  1. Justine Russo says:

    oh gosh I love every single one of these photos! And I miss Cali already!

  2. Montana Dennis says:

    Wow, super honored to have been a part of it Meg! You two were awesome and I am super thankful to have been able to create some amazing images for you. Loved every second of it. Cheers! =)



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