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Now “OFFICIALLY” offering Photography Mentoring Sessions!

good morning and happy monday!

after some long thought and contemplation, i have decided to start offering a limited number of monthly photography mentoring sessions! yay! 😉

as a shoot and share photographer, i want to celebrate new photographers and their journey in this career. it isn’t easy to start out in a market that is SO saturated, and what i sometimes feel like, is that it is easy for people to forget that we were all starting out at one time too! i want to help out new photographers and serve them to the best of my ability as much as i can. it is always my goal when others have questions to be available to help, and i do my best to answer these types of emails and facebook messages as often as i can while still serving my clients first. with that, this will remain the same. general questions and inquiries will still be answered via email just as normal. the only difference is, there will now be an option for those who are interested to dig a little deeper, to get a little more personal and if they have more specific questions regarding branding, specializing, marketing etc., we can spend a 1 hour skype call or lunch date (depending on where you are) discussing these things in further detail. i will have limited space available for these as my wedding clients need to remain my number 1 priority, but i wanted to make myself available to those who are seeking more than a short email conversation. mentoring calls will be $250/hour, limited to 2 clients per month, and inquiries can be sent to! thanks so much to all of you who have shown incredible support and encouragement this far, and i am excited to start this new chapter!
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  1. Cassandra Bergh says:

    this makes me SO excited.

  2. Tanja Aelbrecht says:

    When in doubt, go for it! She’s a genius! 🙂 We’ve learned SO MUCH and we’re looking forward to what’s coming. 🙂



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